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60,000 square metres of stocktaking processed in a day using the Sapphire Web Pack

Frutex Australia Stock taking End of financial year 30th June, 2017

All companies with inventory generally conduct their stocktaking at the end of the financial year. Few companies will run a stocktake every week or every month to make sure their software system reflects the actual number of items they have on the shelf. Stocktaking or inventory checking, is the physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in inventory or a warehouse.  Usually the production planner or manager is tasked with carrying out a Stocktake in the company. Traditional pen and paper method is prone to errors, is time-consuming and very difficult. Sometimes these errors cause unnecessary costs.

Traditional stocktaking can be broken down into several steps

– Export product list
– Prepare and print file from excel
– Count inventory
– Merge all paper information together
– Make amendment to excel file or remove rows with no change
– Clear all allocation
– Save as CSV and import
– Re-allocate the inventory

But these steps are quite cumbersome!

With the Sapphire Web Pack solution, preparing for stocktake is easy. Sapphire Web Pack is connected directly in real time with the main SapphireOne server, and supplied with the existing master datafile from the inventory management system. With the Web Pack, employees simply carry out a stocktake in the warehouse using an iPad, iPhone or any device that supports a browser. iPad connected with Bluetooth scanner for bar code scanning makes inventory checking simple. Correspondingly, the SapphireOne main server updates all the stocktaking simultaneously. Using the Sapphire Web Pack ensures that you can obtain data relating to stock in a reliable and timely manner.

Streamlines stocktaking processes

The Sapphire Web Pack streamlines inventory management. Instead of traditional stocktaking steps, you can now simply focus on the three primary tips for successful stocktaking or inventory checking.

Tips 1: Ensure that all your inbound shipments are closed off

Tips 2: Finalise the sale orders. If you have dispatched a sales order, ensure that it’s also been invoiced and physically move that stock away from the area where you are counting

Tips 3: Ensure that your pick face area is clean, neatly stacked and levelled off as much as possible. If you have got nice level pick face it makes it far easier to count and an incentive for people to ensure that its accurate.

Stocktaking or inventory checking – 30th June 2017 

Sapphire Web Pack streamlined stocktaking for Frutex Australia, last day of the financial year 2017. 60 thousand square metres of stocktaking was conducted by 45 people in 1 day with Sapphire Web Pack.

Below is a summary of the day for Frutex Australia –

  1. 60,000 square metres of stocktaking completed in a day
  2. Stocktaking from 7am to 5pm
  3. 19 teams of 2-3 people on iPads
  4. 4242 individual counts
  5. 6 individual warehouses, 2 freezers and a cool room

HARRY MAGIROS, IT/Marketing Manager, Frutex Australia is one of our happy customers. Are you satisfied with your existing ERP application?

Stocktake snapshot of every hour from 7am to 5pm at Frutex, Australia

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