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Benefits of Integrated Document Management System like SapphireOne ERP

There are lots of Benefits of Integrated Document Management System like SapphireOne ERP

Transactions usually come with paperwork – sometimes tons of it depending on the transaction type. Managing these transactions is one thing, but sorting out their accompanying paperwork is another thing entirely.  For that, you’ll be needing an ERP module with Document management capabilities.

An ERP framework is a versatile accounting tool that helps in modulating different segments of day to day business; from processing orders to managing inventories, shipments and the likes. It is in very simple terms the Swiss army knife of business management. A document management module on the other hands makes the business of handling, sorting and filing important documents nothing short of a breeze. Together these two work hand in hand to facilitate efficient and effective management of businesses.

The Benefits of Integrated Document Management System

But why exactly should you adopt an ERP system like SapphireOne and its Document management system? Here’s why;

   1.You’re going to be saving a lot of time and effort

Like was already stated, an ERP system with document managing capabilities grants you the ability to conveniently sort and manage vast caches of transaction documents with ease in the shortest time possible. No longer will time be spent on unproductive activities like document filing and searching, the document management system will do all these in real-time.

   2. Fluidity and Departmental Integration

With a Document Management capable ERP system, your business can function as one big beehive, interconnected at all fundamental levels and sharing information in real time. Employees in customer service won’t need to walk up to the accounts department to retrieve inventory, location, tax, customer details or any other relevant information for that matter. They will all be available at the click of one button in the ERP dashboard.

   3. Privacy and security

A document management system allows you to implement a stratified documents and sensitive information access protocol. With this framework in place, you can effectively specify and monitor who gets access to what documents. Want to restrict access to some records to only senior employees? Easy, just lock the records in question and provide the login parameters to the selected employees.

 4. Cut Down your management bills

Unlike manual methods of organizing and managing transactions and business paperwork, an electronic document management system shaves off the need for excess paper. What’s more, it requires fewer staffers to manage. Not only do you get to tone down running costs (decreased expenditure on paper and other stationeries), your employees can focus on other more productive tasks. And then there’s the fact that by reducing your paper consumption you’re also making your business eco-friendly.

Finally, Document management compatible ERP systems like SapphireOne improves your decision-making skills. Ease of access to relevant information sets as it pertains to sales, general transactions, and business expenditure allows you to cogently weigh all options before committing to a particular decision. Better decision-making skills ultimately translate to better decisions, and in the long run, it is the cumulation of such critical decisions that determine the fate of a business.

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