The Export Council Awards 2022

Due to SapphireOne’s esteemed nomination, members of the SapphireOne team had the opportunity to attend the Export Council of Australia Awards. With the ceremony taking place on Wednesday 12 October.

Significantly, for the first time in three years, the Export Council of Australia Awards ceremony was held in person at Sydney’s Town Hall. Additionally, it was a special occasion with the Export Council of Australia celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Export Awards. 

To celebrate the occasion, the Export Council of Australia put on a truly amazing affair with a look back over the last 60 years. Furthermore, it showcased a significant insight into some of Australia’s most iconic companies. Notably, SunRice, Victa, Slazengers, Akubra, Manildra, Speedo, Cochlear, Antico, tna Solutions, UNSW, Casella Wines, aussieBum, RODE Microphones, Atlassian, The Wiggles.

Export Council of Australia Awards

2022 Premier’s NSW Export Council Awards

The night opened with a moving Welcome to Country by Aunty Ann Weldon of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council. Then followed by the opening address by Arnold Jorge, CEO of the Export Council of Australia.

With over 400 people in attendance and many distinguished guests including The Hon. Alister Andrew Henskens (SC MP), the Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade, the Minister for Sport, the Minister for Skills and Training and the Minister for Science, Innovation and Technology and the Consul-General of Japan, Tokuda Shuichi.

We’d like to extend our congratulations to the all the nominees and winners on the evening. Additionally, we would like to make special mention of Hivery, the winner of our participating export category of Advanced Technologies. Hivery went on to be the overall winner on the night receiving the NSW Exporter of the Year Award.

Moreover, it is a wonderful opportunity to participate in an event that recognises such a diverse and dynamic group of exporters and businesses within NSW. Specifically, highlighting a range of categories celebrating exporters across a variety of industries. For example, Health, Agriculture, E-Commerce, Creative Industries, Manufacturing, Advanced Technologies, Resources and Energy, Sustainability, Small Business and many more.

For this reason, SapphireOne is extremely proud to receive such recognition and being listed amongst such distinguished company. 

Everyone’s A Winner

The 2022 Premier’s NSW Export Awards works in partnership with the Export Council of Australia (ECA. The ceremony crowns 17 companies winners across 13 national categories and four NSW categories. 

Invaluably, it gives visibility to Australian businesses according to the Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade, Alister Henskens. As a result, one in five jobs in Australia rely on exports. Therefore, awards like these celebrate our local success stories and promote pioneering individuals and businesses across all sectors in NSW. 

“This year’s winners showcase the diverse range of businesses and industries that the NSW Government is supporting, both at home and through our global network, to open doors and expand into new markets,” Mr Alister Henskens said.

Finally, SapphireOne would also like to extend our thanks to all the sponsors of the event: NSW Government, Export Council of Australia, DHL, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Export Finance Australia, BDO, AusIndustry, Austrade, KPMG.

Images thank you to Eduardo Yudowski of Aeris Environmental.

How to Update Your Advanced Print Functionality

As SapphireOne progresses into Version 19.4, there will be significant coding changes to the SapphireOne application. These changes are to take advantage of the substantive improvements that Apple have implemented. 

Apple have enhanced their operating system by removing Python 2 to take full advantage of their new Apple Silicon. Some of these changes will require re-coding by the SapphireOne development team from time to time as we implement this new code. 

We will regularly update all of our SapphireOne user community with our broadcast blog letting you know what has changed and what operating system you will need to be running to take advantage of this new code and functionality. This current update is specifically for Monterey, with the release of Ventura in the near future. 

As as we have previously documented, the SapphireOne development team are currently converting and removing all inter-process variables. Furthermore, as previously indicated, this will take approximately another two years of coding to complete. Part of the process is optimising the SapphireOne source code for both the current offerings of Windows 11 and Apple Monterey and Ventura.

SapphireOne Advanced Print

SapphireOne clients running Advanced Print settings will need to upgrade their MacOS to Monterey or Ventura. 

Apple has made significant changes to their code in Monterey by removing Python 2. As a result, this has required SapphireOne to rewrite the Advanced Print functionality.

The SapphireOne development team have recoded SapphireOne Version 19.4 and 18.4 to address and update these changes. 

SapphireOne users who wish to continue using the Advanced Print feature will need to update all Apple computers to Monterey.

Furthermore, SapphireOne recommends Apple Silicon for significant performance increases across all functionality. Batch PDF Preview is also now running on SapphireOne Version 19.4.

With the introduction of 19.4 we recommend that all Apple based SapphireOne clients test 19.4 with the Sapphire Single User. Users can access this through your client portal, the SapphireOne File Station, by taking a current copy of your live data file and deploying this in the Sapphire Single User environment. We also recommend this approach for all Windows users. 


NZ Payroll/HR New and Additional Functionality

SapphireOne has added new and additional functionality to NZ Payroll/HR in line with the changes brought in by Inland Revenue. Some of the changes to NZ Payroll/HR within Employee and Allowances mode include, Payroll/HR workflow for OWP and improved transparency of Leave Rates.

Firstly, SapphireOne now displays a new Working Days button on the Working Transaction screen to streamline the calculation of Working Days. SapphireOne users now have the ability to calculate Working Days with the number of working days entered displayed beside.


Leave Updates in NZ Payroll/HR

The additional functionality of Average Daily Pay (ADP)/ Relevant Daily Pay (RDP) is now an option when processing NZ Payroll/HR in Leave Rate Basis. Therefore, the SapphireOne user can now select it for Annual/Holiday Leave and all other types of Leave including Sick, Alternative, Bereavement, etc. SapphireOne users can now calculate Leave by one of two option: Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) or Ordinary Weekly Pay (OWP).

Additionally, Exclude from Average Earnings within Allowances mode is reflective of the IRD and NZ Payroll/HR process. SapphireOne now gives the option to “Exclude From Average Earnings” to be in line with the terminology of the IRD. Previously, all Allowances checkboxes were automatically selected for RDP.

The SapphireOne user will now experience the in-built functionality of “Exclude from Average Earnings” remaining automatically un-selected. This new functionality does not alter the calculation process or outcome. Consequently, any Allowance that has the checkbox selected e.g. CHILD will not form part of the OWP and RDP leave calculation basis.

Calculation of Leave

In accordance with the IRD, how SapphireOne users enter Leave in NZ Payroll/HR has changed. As a result, SapphireOne now displays calculation rates by day, highlighting that the greater of the AWE vs OWP is automatically used.


Finally, we have added screenshot tabs for NZ and Australia to articles on the SapphireOne Knowledge Base. We are regularly customising SapphireOne functionality to suit the relevant international standards and terminology for all our clients.

2022 Premier’s NSW Export Awards Finalist

The SapphireOne team is proud to announce that SapphireOne is a finalist for the 2022 Premier’s NSW Export Awards. SapphireOne is running in the category of Advanced Technologies, highlighting SapphireOne’s achievements in the international market and recognising the ‘success and resilience’ of exporters in New South Wales.

We have had many significant achievements and accomplishments this year. In particular, the SapphireOne Knowledge Base, Single Touch Payroll Phase II certification, and the development and release of SapphireOne 19.4.

The latest version of SapphireOne 19.4 contains significant upgrades and updates, also making SapphireOne 19.4 the first ERP to be fully compatible with Apple Silicon

Members of the SapphireOne team will be attending the NSW Export Awards on the 12th October 2022. Additionally, the winners of the 13 national categories in this program will be moving forward to the Australian Export Awards. Consequently, the pathway to enter the National Export Awards is through your respective State or Territory awards program only.

Celebrating 60 Years of Australian Export & Investment Awards

The Australian Export & Investment Awards run by the Australian Export Council is one of the longest running business awards programs in Australia. Now in its 60th year, the awards is a national program recognising and honouring Australian exporters. Furthermore, these exporters are achieving sustainable growth through innovation, and international companies making an enduring contribution to the Australian economy.

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry partner to present the award program. It’s a high priority of the Australian Government and is supported by leading Australian corporations, export facilitators and industry groups.

Equally, the program aims to recognise the success and resilience of NSW exporters and their achievements in the international market. They are announcing the winners of the 13 national categories on 12th October 2022.

Thank you to the Export Council of Australia for recognising SapphireOne, and congratulations to all the finalists!

In addition, we would like to acknowledge the support expressed by all partners:

Images courtesy of Export Council of Australia

NSW Government, Export Council of Australia, DHL, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Export Finance Australia, BDO, AusIndustry, Austrade, KPMG.

Latest Release: All You Need to Know About SapphireOne 19.4

SapphireOne is excited to be announcing the release of SapphireOne 19.4.

The latest version of SapphireOne 19.4 contains significant upgrades and updates including:

  • Converting all forms to 19.4
  • All plugins recompiled

In addition, SapphireOne Version 19.4 is fully compatible with and certified for the new macOS. SapphireOne users will be able to run 19.4 on both macOS Monterey and the highly anticipated, macOS Ventura, due for release in October 2022. SapphireOne is also fully compliant and compatible with Windows 11. We are proud to announce that SapphireOne 19.4 is the first ERP to be fully compatible with Apple Silicon

The SapphireOne user will see significant improvements throughout the entire SapphireOne application, in particular for processes that typically take minutes to run. As a result, the SapphireOne user will experience dramatic speed increases to all functionalities. For example, Month End, Year End, Business Activities Statements (BAS). Functionality performance will continue improving as we progress the completion of removing inter-process variables.

Latest Release of SapphireOne 19.4 4D Apple Silicon
SapphireOne 19.4 is the first ERP to be fully compatible with Apple Silicon – Image courtesy of 4D

SapphireOne is in the process of removing all inter-process variables from the SapphireOne 19.4. Inter-process variables is 4D specific and SapphireOne has incorporated the new code. This process is currently at the 50% completion mark. The SapphireOne development team anticipate another 24 months to complete conversion. We have also removed all legacy plug-ins. 

How To Download SapphireOne 19.4

The official launch of SapphireOne 19.4 is 22nd September 2022. The update will be available to all clients to download from the SapphireOne File Station and for testing. Clients will be required to email a signed copy of the updated SapphireOne Terms and Conditions Agreement in conjunction with downloading SapphireOne 19.4. Upon completion, current SapphireOne clients will be able to access all unlock codes from SapphireOne in order to run version 19.4.

Please make a booking at SapphireOne Support for assistance and implementation, if required.

SapphireOne Manifest Tools


The Sapphire Create Manifest and Link to Manifest tool is the latest unique functionality available for SapphireOne clients. These two tools are provided so that the SapphireOne user is able to place anywhere from one to one hundred or more Sales Invoices into a Manifest at the same time.


There are two options for the SapphireOne user when using this procedure – Create Manifest or Link to Manifest

The Sapphire Create Manifest tool enables the SapphireOne user to generate a new Manifest with the highlighted Sales Invoices. Create will automatically attach the invoices the SapphireOne user has selected in the Sales Invoices window. Alternatively, the SapphireOne user can elect to use Link to Manifest. SapphireOne will generate a new window displaying the original Manifest as well as the new invoices the SapphireOne user has applied.

SapphireOne Specific Tools are unique features, automating data entry methods and are extremely beneficial and time effective.

These are extremely efficient tools in managing all Manifest inquiries. SapphireOne streamlines the users ability to add Sales Invoices to a current manifest or create a new manifest with invoices.

In SapphireOne, the Manifest Inquiry screen is a file containing delivery dockets, invoices, picking and packing slips and electronic files. These files can all be sent electronically via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

The Create Manifest and Link to Manifest functionality is available within Inventory > Manager > Manifest.