Important New Workflow Security Code

New workflow security code. There have been security breaches within our competitor’s software of vendor files being hacked relating to their BSB and Account numbers. An external party has been changing these details and clients who thought they were paying vendors have been unwittingly paying into someone else’s bank account. 

To ensure this doesn’t happen to our SapphireOne clients we have coded a Workflow Security Code on Vendor bank account changes.

This needs to be installed by the nominated person with access to Bank Details.  

To create a Workflow in SapphireOne go to:

  1. Utilities Mode
  2. Top tool bar select Controls- Workflow Rules
  3. Click the blue + sign in the left corner of the tool bar
  4. Insert Title ie Vendor Bank Changes
  5. Go to Transaction- select Vendor
  6. Underneath for Rules Trigger- select Bank Details
  7. Go to Type – insert User Name
  8. On the right click the Authorisation Required box and the Email Notification box below if you would like to receive one (ensure your email account is set up in SapphireOne)
  9. Then confirm by clicking on the green tick in the top tool bar which will take you to the Workflow Rules Inquiry screen
  10. Ensure your rule has been recorded then close the screen by clicking on the red cross in the tool bar

For the Notification Alert:

  1. In the top right corner of SapphireOne the Blue round icon will display a notification
  2. Click on the bank changes notification to be directed to the Workflow Centre
  3. Highlight the change you would like to approve
  4. Then click on the top right button called Open In Inquiry
  5. You will be directed to the History of Bank Changes screen
  6. Double click to open the transaction you would like to review, then check the details are correct
  7. Close down the screens till you are back at the Workflow Centre
  8. Highlight the change again and click the approve or reject button down the bottom

Every time there is a change to bank account details it needs to be approved by the nominated person.

SapphireOne also strongly recommends you verbally confirm changes in bank account details with your vendors, and ensure you talk to the appropriate contact. 

For extra security, a record is kept of the changes. Go to Utilities Mode, select in top tool bar History, then History of Bank Changes. 

For more information regarding improvements and features within the latest release of SapphireOne ERP Business Accounting Application please contact our office on (02) 8362 4500 or request a demo.

Data Security | SapphireOne financial ERP Accounting Software

SapphireOne Data Security , Accounting Software

Businesses are increasingly the victim of data breaches and brands are at risk. The “Verizon 2016 data Breach Investigations Reports” tells about incidents affecting organizations in 82 countries and across a variety of industries. This is based on contribution from dozens of organizations around the world, such as technology companies, information security firms and law enforcement agencies, including Australian Federal Police.

The ratio of incidents that result in a confirmed data breach vary from industry to industry. Some, like accommodation and retail, have a very high rate of successful breach per incident. Others like the public sector, experienced tens of thousands of incidents but only reported 193 confirmed data breaches in last year.

POINT-OF-SALE INTRUSIONS is one of the nine incident classification patterns included in the “Verizon 2016 data Breach Investigations Reports”. Many more incidents are recorded but can’t be classified due to a lack of information (Commonly that means phishing incidents without the necessary details to cluster them into a more specific pattern).

Remote attacks against the environments where retail transactions are conducted. POS terminals and POS controllers are the targeted areas (This includes remote attacks only, not physical tampering such as with payment card skimmers). Top target industries includes accommodation, food services, retail. The recorded frequency is 534 incidents where 525 is confirmed breaches.

SapphireOne is uniquely designed ERP, CRM and Business Accounting software.

It is written in 4D language. SapphireOne excels in providing all the features required to perform point of sale transactions. Entry of payment detail fields are available to record all the details for your customer’s preferred payment method.

SapphireOne prides itself by saying that to date, in SapphireOne no incident of data breach has taken place. SapphireOne ERP provides the security of your company data file. SapphireOne’s sophisticated design, secured 4D database connection protect your company data from attack cycle and ensure smooth running of your business and company data file.

SapphireOne also recommends securing your ERP, CRM & business accounting software data with Fortinet which is a leading provider of fast and secure cyber security solutions.