Complete Audit Trail of Historical Records in SapphireOne

Complete Audit Trail of Historical Records in SapphireOne
In SapphireOne all transactions that are not current are moved into a historical record which includes a complete audit trail for each and every transaction. In utilities mode there is a special function named audit trail which allows the user complete audit style tracking of all transactions in the system.

SapphireOne system provides a complete Audit Trail of Historical Records for every transaction :-

Tracking the Employees Transactional Activities

All users have a log file which records what they do and when they do it, so that any alterations made to financial records are recorded in their log file as well as in the transaction itself.

In Addition, any general ledger account that is a bank account receives specific attention in the SapphireOne system. Any changes made by employees to these banking general ledger accounts are stored in a special log file that is unable to be altered by anyone, even those with administrative privileges.  This record is not modifiable by any user and will remain a permanent part of the data file.

Better Risk Management

Large problem in the data file management is accidental or deliberate deletion of records from the data file. While quotes and orders in the SapphireOne system are able to be deleted the system, it still keeps a record of the user who deleted them. The system does not allow the deletion of any record once it is posted to the General Account. The only way to correct a posted  transaction error is to reverse the transaction, however full details of who of the user was that reversed the transaction, is recorded in the users log file.

Across the data file, the deletion of the record is not normally allowed, but they may be made inactive, so they will not be displayed, in any list of records.

From the options menu with SapphieOne application the user has a find function and within one of these dropdowns there is a display All Records option.

Once this is selected the system will display all record in the list including those that are inactive. Once the record is on screen the user may view or reactivate the record if it is allowed.

SapphireOne system provides the most comprehensive audit trail reporting functionality provided by any other ERP Accounting software in the market.

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