How a Commission Program works?

SapphireOne will process an employee Commission for you,  and you can view the Sales Commission Report.

Commission is what you pay to employees or agents /IRS when they make a sale or accomplish some other goal. Commissions can be a percentage of a sale, or they can be a flat amount based on the sales volume. These types of payments are based on results. Sales positions, like a car salesman or real estate agent, commonly earn commissions.

Let’s say your employee is a salesman. The employee sells a $1,000 computer and receives a 6% commission on the sale. That means the employee earns $60 in commission income for selling the computer.

According to the ATO if the commission, bonus or similar payment relates to work your employee performed in a single pay period (for example, a week, a fortnight or a month) the amount is added to all their other earnings for the current period. Withholding is then calculated using the standard PAYG withholding tax tables.

The IRS classifies commission as a type of supplemental pay. Supplemental wages are payments made to an employee that aren’t regular wages. Other types of supplemental wages include bonus payments, overtime pay, accrued personal time off, and back pay.

You provide commission payments either as an employee’s sole wages or in addition to regular wages.

Quick and simple steps to set up commissions with SapphireOne

We have programmed commission into SapphireOne ERP and Sapphire Web Pack so you can experience fast and seamless integration.

Getting started:

  • Login into SapphireOne
  • In SapphireOne go to Payroll/HR Mode
  • Select Administration in the top toolbar
  • In the page drop down menu choose Salary
  • In the Commission section, hit the plus icon to add commission
  • Enter in the Rep ID then Margin you want to set up, and then Commission
  • SapphireOne will process the commission for your employee
  • To View the Commission, Go to Inventory Mode
  • In the top menu bar select, sales menu and then Sales People from the options
  • Then Select sales Rep ID for which you have set up the commission
  • From the page dropdown select Sales Option underneath
  • On the top Tool bar , Hit the print icon and select date
  • Underneath in the dropdown, select Open in Preview

SapphireOne will process the Commission for you,  and you can view the Sales Commission Report.

How Do Employers Pay Employees in Sales?

Employees with a job in sales make a base salary and often a sales commission for meeting or exceeding particular sales targets. A sales commission is an additional compensation the employee receives for meeting and exceeding the minimum sales threshold.

Employers pay employees a sales commission to incentivise the employees to produce more sales and to reward and recognise people who perform most productively. The sales commission has proven to be an effective way to compensate salespeople and to promote more sales of the product or the service. This is why the use of a sales commission is widespread in some organisations.

SapphireOne will allow you to manage commissions, also you can set up custom fields, calculate formulas and configure dashboards and show reports.

You can track your sales by employee, sales rep, etc. under Inventory module. For more information regarding improvements and features within the latest release of SapphireOne ERP Business Accounting Application please contact our office on +61 (02) 8362 4500, request a demo or SapphireOne on email sales