Why former MYOB AccountEdge users on MacOS Catalina should consider SapphireOne

Why former MYOB AccountEdge users on MacOS Catalina should consider SapphireOne

As recently announced by MYOB, it is walking away from its MacOS product AccountEdge as it is unable to make it compliant with Catalina. Many business owners are now faced with the difficult question of how to smoothly transition to an alternative product. SapphireOne is a highly functional and user-friendly accounting software that has been running on MacOS Catalina since its implementation in October 2019. It is a unique application due to its ability to remove much of the complexity of accounting. Instead, it replaces it with practicality and efficiency regarding all daily business operations.

SapphireOne is a highly functional and user-friendly accounting software that has been running on MacOS Catalina.

Switching to this accounting vendor from MYOB AccountEdge will open up companies to a vast range of advantages, a few of which will be introduced to you in this blog:

  1. Upgrading to MacOS Catalina without any interruptions
  2. SapphireOne has been MacOS-compliant since 1986 and consistently managed to seamlessly transition its clients to the newest versions released by Apple. Although AccountEdge users will still be able to run the programme even if they choose not to update their computers, they are, in essence, just delaying the inevitable as other applications will eventually stop functioning under MacOS Mojave. Therefore, it is highly recommendable for these users to switch to a substitute as soon as possible as the size of their data files to be migrated is growing day by day.

  3. All-inclusive software with no expensive add-ons or upgrades
  4. When implementing SapphireOne, business owners will be able to enjoy multiple functionalities that are all part of the system. It prides itself in a “no hidden costs” policy. Many other ERPs on the market today use a single functional system and interface it with add-on modules. This can become expensive to implement in the long term as each individual module attracts its own costs and licensing. SapphireOne is all-inclusive, providing access to every module via a single toolbar which includes: Accounts, Inventory, Job Projects, Assets, Payroll/HR, Management, Utilities and Workbook.

  5. Immediate support available via phone or email
  6. The on-call IT support team is available to its customers via email to help them with any queries they may have or issues they encounter. You can also book a support call via the SapphireOne website for a specific time at which the team will contact you and assist you over the phone. During the implementation process, extensive training will be provided to all relevant staff members. Comprehensive manuals, which are updated regularly, are available to all clients. The SapphireOne community website also offers multiple explanations of the most commonly used functionalities and features.

  7. Managing ERP, CRM and DMS in one single application
  8. The access to the database is available in real-time and to an unlimited number of users. As it leverages off the database back end, optimal processing speed can be ensured. It is a platform-independent system, meaning transitioning from MacOS to Windows or vice versa poses no issue. If required, you can also run both operating systems concurrently. It also provides an integrated VoIP Telephone system, enabling calls to be made to contacts using softphone technology. Further, it offers web access allowing data to be entered or retrieved from any browser touchpoint including smartphones and tablets. Within just one single application, the user can manage documents (DMS), conduct resource planning (ERP) and maintain all customer relationships (CRM).

  9. Vast range of partners
  10. SapphireOne partners with platforms and add-ons to meet the changing requirements of its clients. Its API gateway supports bulk data imports from various sources. The APIs are integrated regularly, and high importance is placed on R&D to accommodate for the latest technological innovations and advancements. To date, SapphireOne has partnered with Shopify, Australia Post, PayPal, BigCommerce, Channel Advisory, the ATO and many others to help its clients in advancing their business. Due to its “no hidden costs” approach, there are no additional subscription fees for these services and tools from SapphireOne.

  11. Applicable to small- and large-scale companies
  12. AccountEdge is mainly targeted at small businesses, whereas SapphireOne caters to all business owners, whether they are long standing traditional companies, small-scale businesses or rapidly growing start-ups. For instance, on the one hand, it incorporates all currencies, tax realms and unlimited business locations within one single data file. On the other hand, it also streamlines processes for smaller companies saving them valuable time. Foreign exchange control is automated in the application which alleviates the strain on accounting staff of companies operating on an international level.

Once you have opted for SapphireOne, you will not have to pay for add-ons to enjoy the full extent of all eight modules. This is especially beneficial to start-ups that may not require all functionalities available just yet but they can already familiarise themselves with the entire system. As a result, they will not be facing any additional expenses once their requirements of a software grows, alongside the size of their business.

If you are currently a customer of MYOB AccountEdge and want to upgrade to MacOS Catalina, SapphireOne is the perfect substitute for you. The application will streamline your processes with ease and improve your current business intelligence by delivering an efficient and easy-to-use solution for all your accounting activities.

Please contact us to request a live demo and/or read the testimonials from our long-standing clients.

SapphireOne 12 Zen Things

SapphireOne grows with 12 Zen Things
Inspiration can be found anywhere and in anything, if you have a learning heart and you can find inspiration from a quote, a picture, a task, nature, people around us etc. SapphireOne 12 Zen Things leads to improvement whether it is at work or at home and it teaches you to experience life in a better way.

The monks and sages follow some ‘way of life’ that help them in their concentration and to live a simpler life. These ways are not just for monks but can be applied to anyone who want to become a productive human being both at work and in life.

 SapphireOne 12 Zen things that are to be followed by everyone:

  1. Do one thing at a time policy

    SapphireOne always follow ‘Do one thing at a time policy’ as it helps to focus and helps to improve day to day business activity. It’s not just the number of hours we’re working, but also the fact that we spend too many continuous hours juggling too many things at the same time. It’s the simplest thing we follow at SapphireOne.

  2. Do it slowly and deliberately

    Take your time and commit yourself to whatever you are doing or whatever you want to do. SapphireOne helps to improve the employee’s performance by encouraging them to involve themselves in their work and do their tasks perfectly. We like to keep things simple both with our clients and employees.

  3. Do it completely

    SapphireOne follows the simple way of moving on to the next task only after completing the first task as it gives a sense of achievement and fulfillment. We dedicate time to complete a task and totally commit to complete the task.

  4. Do less

    Like ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ if you take up too many tasks, you won’t master one. Just be selective with your tasks and focus everything will work out as planned. At SapphireOne we inspire people to do the things that will add value to their work and helps in overall productivity of the individual and the group and organisation.

  5. Put Space between things

    Prepare a relaxed schedule for every task and take breaks if you complete the tasks within the schedule. A relaxed schedule will help you fully concentrate on the task and if takes longer time than you expected you can always have that back up time. SapphireOne always keeps space between the tasks and delivers the business within time.

  6. Develop rituals

    Rituals help everyone to focus on the things and they provide a sense of importance on things you’re working on. We at SapphireOne develop and follow that ritual either when dealing with our employees or with the clients and vendors.

  7. Designated time for certain things

    SapphireOne dedicates time for every important task and ensures that task is completed absolutely. We encourage our employees to dedicate sufficient time for daily business tasks and inspire the employees to spend time with their families.  We provide that perfect work-life balance at SapphireOne.

  8. Devote time to sitting

    SapphireOne advocates everyone to dedicate some time to themselves and observe what’s happening around them. This is very important because it give the whole idea of what is the present status and what should be done to be productive or make oneself more useful to the group and organisation.

  9. Smile and serve others

    An integral part of SapphireOne is to serve and greet others with a smile. We encourage our employees to devote themselves to the client and give the customer a cherishing experience. We draw people to be kind to their fellow employees and the customers, like opening the door of communication and helping with the heavy lifting or carrying the files for them.

  10. Concentrating on the task become meditation

    Organised work place gives a sense of direction towards perfection and guides you in concentrating on the task and will help you focus on the task. We at SapphireOne create organised conditions both for our employees and the clients. We follow a sense of order and trained structure in our business dealings.

  11. Think about what is necessary

    We at SapphireOne focus on what’s important. We remove those unessential things that are not helping our employees, clients or business partners. We focus on that thing which will improve the client’s business and which will improve our productivity.

  12. Live Simply

    A perfect balance between customer satisfaction and business satisfaction is what we work for at SapphireOne. We dedicate time to our business and we encourage everyone to spend time with their loved-ones. We enjoy dealing with our clients and we value our relationships.

For a sneak peek at the full capabilities ERPCRMAccounting Software, Human Resources, Payroll, Assets and Document Management,  check out SapphireOne and request a live demo, it is everything you’ll ever need to make your company management a success.