10 Reasons why companies choose SapphireOne as their preferred Financial Management System

SapphireOne is an established ERP software vendor, who is an expert in providing Financial Management System for any enterprise. SapphireOne with its superior search and reporting abilities makes it a complete business enterprise solution that increases the productivity and performance of any company. It has the capability to operate on the existing financial information architecture and can provide maximum security, while giving the opportunity for real-time access to information.


SapphireOne ERP Software with Rich Accounting Software functionality makes it a complete financial system for any size enterprise

SapphireOne financial software is highly scalable, with the ability to support unlimited users concurrently. All standard features for managing financial systems are included in both Sapphire single user and SapphireOne client server.


SapphireOne for Financial Management System:

There are 10 reasons why a company will choose SapphireOne for managing their financial management system.  These are –

  1. SapphireOne provides all standard accounting functionality including –
    i) General Ledger,
    ii) Payroll,
    iii) Accounts Payable,
    iv) Accounts receivable,
    v) Invoicing, Budgeting,
    vi) Cash management,
    vii) Taxation reporting,
    viii) Asset management and purchasing,
    ix) Project accounting,
    x) Cost centre accounting,
    xi) Flexible Ad Hoc Reporting/ Quick Reports,
    xii) Multi entity/company and multi-currency accounting functionality within the one database/data file.
  1. SapphireOne has the ability to operate on the existing information architecture and can provide maximum security while giving the opportunity for real-time access to information.
  1. SapphireOne can support any company’s existing financial information flow model and can ultimately accommodate the multi-level reporting model.
  1. SapphireOne has the capabilities of interface development for Microsoft office, and other third party software products.
  1. SapphireOne permits the import and export of information to and from other systems and can integrate with other desktop and server applications. For example excel import or excel export.
  1. SapphireOne comes with administrative tools to monitor application and database utilisation.
  1. SapphireOne provides edit controls to prevent incomplete or incorrect data from being processed and programmatic control of the process flow to prevent information from being processed in the wrong sequence.SapphireOne is an established ERP software vendor, who is an expert in providing Financial Systems for any enterprise
  1. SapphireOne is highly scalable and has the ability to grow with companies business requirements.
  1. SapphireOne uses the most advanced information management system and provides two major software releases per year. A recent notable release from SapphireOne is ‘PDF capture’, which has the capability to eliminate time consuming manual vendor invoice processing that can streamline companies daily accounting tasks.
  1. SapphireOne provides ongoing user and technical support for smooth running of the business. By subscribing to SapphireOne’s Diamond Support plan companies can benefit with unlimited email & phone support and can receive the latest version updates, which are available to download from SapphireOne SFTP server.

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