How SapphireOne can improve your business’s cash flow?

SapphireOne Accounting Software can improve cash flow management

Making the right choice for your business’s Accounting Software needs should be an important consideration to ensure healthy cash flow management for your business. For any business, it is important to use a good Accounting Software to improve cash flow. SapphireOne is an established ERP Accounting software vendor that specialises in providing world-class Accounting Software for small and medium enterprises. For any business, cash shortages are dangerous and can place a financial burden. With Sapphire or SapphireOne software suite, you will always know what is happening with your businesses finances to avoid unwelcome gaps in your cash flow.

Why a healthy cash flow management is important for your business?

Having cash allows a business to operate whether you run a small business or medium enterprise. Managing your cash resources efficiently is absolutely critical to operate your business.

A good ERP Accounting Software makes sure you have enough cash to meet your requirements, such as paying wages, vendor purchasing and meeting your financial requirements.

Poor cash flow management is one of the major reasons many businesses struggle to move forward in the right direction. Due to a variety of reasons, such as disorganised accounts, too small a margin, a poor management of days outstanding on Clients, or excessive overheads.

Managing cash flow is the key to success for any businesses. If you have accurate financial information, you know where you stand at any given time. SapphireOne makes a real difference to control your business’s cash flow.

What Makes SapphireOne stand out from its competitors?

One of the important account functionality provided by any standard Accounting Software is cash management. That is where SapphireOne comes in. SapphireOne is the complete business, ERP, CRM, and accounting software suite. There are no additional bolt on modules, it is all in one. This software includes a cash management section that allows you to track and improve your business’s cash management, i.e. cash flow.

SapphireOne ERP Accounting Software uses the most advanced information system and can integrate with other desktop and server applications. It give you the option to export and import information to and from other systems, for example, export Excel and import from Excel.

SapphireOne provides complete accounting functionalities. It is highly scalable and offers customisation services. With SapphireOne, you can track and improve your business’s cash flow easily. You can stay top on your business’s cash flow management to understand your business and make better decisions. It is designed to make financial record keeping as easy as possible for any size business.

SapphireOne provides ongoing user and technical support. SapphireOne ERP Accounting Software will not directly solve cash flow problems, but it will give you the tools to manage of the current situation of your cash flow so you can make informed decisions to better manage your cash flow.

What can you do with SapphireOne to manage your business’ cash flow?

Easier management of your cash flow. It enables you to understand how cash flow affects your business. SapphireOne provides you with real-time cash flow data through business reports and dashboards, enabling you to stay informed and make sure your company is moving in the right direction. It  provides a range of tools and reports to track your current progress.

Find out below what you can do to improve your business’s cash flow with Sapphire Single User and SapphireOne Client Server:

  • Bank accounts at your finger tips
  • Generate your cash flow report instantly
  • View the latest cash flow statements
  • Customise your cash flow statement to show the details of cash position over a given period
  • Keep better track of your outgoings that may include payments for suppliers, utilities, wages and taxes each month and then make payments when required so you can better manage cash flow
  • Issue sales invoices as soon as goods are shipped or services are provided to your clients, meaning you will be paid on time
  • Get paid quicker as you can send invoices to your clients real time and collects outstanding payments quickly
  • Check any figure on your cash flow report to see it in details
  • Receive your cash flow statement regularly by email, or SapphireOne dashboard

SapphireOne provides cash flow warning signs to help you manage cash flow efficiently to keep your business running smoothly.

Invoicing is made easier with SapphireOne. It has the tools to schedule invoices quickly and simply. You do not have to wait in your office for customers to pay you in person at the month-end. It provides you with updates to take action as outstanding payments become overdue.

SapphireOne software suite will help you to have better cash flow management as you can access and send your invoices from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you are a small business owner, or run a medium enterprise, SapphireOne will always help you manage your company’s finances more effectively. It will save you time, reduce paperwork and the cost of answering paper bills, and help you get paid on time by sending invoice quickly and simply to your clients  to have better cash flow.

View our pricing plans. Also request a demo today, the purchase of accounting software or ERP Software is an important investment, don’t leave it to chance.

Cloud based accounting or traditional desktop based accounting software for Enterprise business?

Desktop based vs cloud based accounting software

Even though cloud computing is on the rise, there are still a number of growing security concerns, like data security and potential downsides such as loss of internet connection and vague pricing. These issues are still a concern among many business owners.

There has been some considerable discussion on the internet, that cloud based computing is not as cheap or reliable as initially was envisaged.

Recently, a web based research company, Gartner has not been as optimistic about cloud based software and has stated it is not as simple, cheap or fast as originally claimed. At a NetSuite event in Sydney recently these claims were questioned.

Data transfer in Australia is costly in cloud based software services because of the quotas normally enforced by ISP’s. If an ISP does not have quotas during busy times data transfer can still become very slow in Australia at times.

With cloud based computing there is a very large question as to who actually owns the stored data. For example, we have had an experience where the owner of the data was told by the cloud based company supplying the cloud storage service that he didn’t own the data and refused to allow a full download of it locally. This was compounded by the fact that the data was stored in another country.
In a recent article “Firms reveal their preferred cloud accounting software”, of Australian Financial review (afr) statistics illustrate that a very large group of small and medium-sized companies are using traditional locally based desktop accounting software.

The SapphireOne accounting software package already provides accessibility similar to cloud based solutions.

It still keeps your data locally and in your control. The SapphireOne server and database may be installed in a single location that is accessible from the internet. Any other locations that the business has, may be granted access to the common SapphireOne server and database.

Since the data file is owned and stored locally by the company, you have full control of your data.

And, one final consideration with storing data on a cloud based system is that Australia is both geologically and politically stable which is a big plus when considering other countries geological stability and various political governments around the world.