Moveitnet + SapphireOne API allows your Delivery Management processes to flow.

MoveIt and SapphireOne API allows your Delivery Management processes to flow.

Bordo International describe the efficiencies of implementing the Moveitnet API as their Freight Management System in March 2019.

Q: What was the main reason you implemented the Moveitnet API?

A: We wanted to have one place where we could get all our freight information. We use a lot of different carriers – Toll Priority, StarTrack Express, Border Express, Bohaul Express, Civic Transport Solutions, Jayde Transport and Couriers Please. It was also vital that the freight system seamlessly integrate with SapphireOne.

Moveit API Freight Management System
Bordo International

Q: What does the Moveitnet application actually allow for you, as a user, to do in the business? What does it give you?

A: It gives us a few things. We use it on our website (Sales Web API blog), where our clients can find out what has happened to their order – whether it has been picked up or not, is in transit or on-board for delivery.

Once the shipment has been created, SapphireOne records the consignment number on the Shipping page of each order. Next to this is a button which opens that consignment in Moveit’s website where all the tracking information is displayed. This is very useful for our customer service team.

Shipping Consignment

Q: If your clients can log in and track it, does it also give you the pricing capability as well?

A: Yes, when the warehouse staff are creating the consignment, there is an API in Moveit to calculate the prices and the lead times. SapphireOne will send the shipment information to Moveit via the API. Moveit will then work out the cheapest freight option. It will show the best option out of those seven freight companies. It chooses the cheapest way to go. It also shows the other, more expensive options, because sometimes the customer might say, “we need it as quickly as possible, and are prepared to pay extra to have it delivered ASAP”. We can then send the order via the fastest method.

Within Moveit it is also possible to set up preferred couriers for clients. For example, a client may say, “Don’t send it by this carrier because the guy doesn’t get here on time”. Or the client may have had a bad experience with a particular freight company and they may say, “We don’t want our orders to go with X we want to go with Y or Z.” With Moveit we can set up those rules for a customer for a particular freight company. So it makes it nice and easy, as it is all automatic. We used to have notes printed out on every invoice with all these special rules. We used to set this up in SapphireOne, so you’d actually store that information in each client as a comment. So, in the delivery address there would be a couple of asterix to say, “Don’t send via Toll” for example. On a busy day when the warehouse staff are rushing to get orders out, they might not notice the comment on the invoice and send the order the wrong way.

Shipping Management
Warehouse Management

Q: So it does that automatically now?

A: Yes it does.

Q: What has been the impact just on the efficiencies within the business?

A: We used to have to create consignments in different systems, one for each freight company. If a client changed their address, we would have to remember to change it in the freight company’s system as well as in SapphireOne. Each system would have a different method we’d have to use to transfer the consignment note information into SapphireOne. Couriers Please used pre-paid dockets which we stuck on each box. We then had to write that up on a piece of paper. Each night office staff would have to update these orders in Sapphire from the piece of paper. We therefore had a whole lot of different systems we had to use, staff had to be trained on them all and all the systems had to be kept up-to-date manually with addresses etc. Now that’s automated in SapphireOne with its link to Moveit.

Moveit Consignment
Moveit API with SapphireOne

Q: So, if you were to summarise the whole process, what would you say?

A: It has made the whole process a more simple, convenient and less error-prone one.

For more information on Moveitnet and our customisable API Integrations and Partnerships, please contact us or book a call with a member of our Support Team. We’re always here to help!

Sales Web API + SapphireOne = Flow, Make your life easy

SapphireOne Sales Web API Integration for Bordo International

With SapphireOne’s highly customisable web/internet API you can create an amazing customer experience, where all clients who have access to your API browser can connect with you in real-time.

Business Benefits of Sales Web APIs

Help build brand loyalty
Brand loyalty creates a strong tendency for your clients to consistently buy your brand rather than your competitor’s brand. This is important for your business because it means you will see the same customers come back again and again. This results in stable, lucrative and continuing business, great customer engagement.

Provide useful tools to customers
Customise your website, manage shipping and payments, listing of all your products, pricing and availability with a complete end-to-end solution. With rich data sources and a strong API, your clients have the ability to access the information they require in real time.

SapphireOne Sales Web API Integration for Bordo International

Implementation of Sales Web API has brought tremendous success to our clients. With the integration of web API, now our clients can automatically integrate SapphireOne with their websites.

Purchase Order
Status Draft Purchase Order
Credit Stop
My Part Numbers

James Brown from Bordo International explains how the salespeople use it, and the benefit that it brings to the business.

“We have a Sales webpage which lists the sales a salesperson has completed. They can break these data down by customer so they can see how each one is going for the month. The sales reps can see how their sales are tracking for the month to date, and compare those sales to their budgets. They find it particularly useful to be able to look at the data for a particular customer before they call on them, as they can see what products they have been buying, and importantly, which they haven’t.

The sales reps use iPads to look up the data in a web browser, which uses the sales web API to talk directly to our SapphireOne database. We used to provide this information for the sales reps in an Excel pivot table. This was time-consuming to prepare, and as most of the sales reps are not tech-savvy, they didn’t really know how to use the pivot tables. It was never up-to-date and it wasn’t live—it was only prepared once a month. It was too complicated, so they didn’t use it anyway — even though someone in the office had spent a lot of time preparing it.

Customers are also using our web API to place their own orders, which has been available for three or four months. We did not use an off the shelf CMS, we’ve created it in our own JavaScript web server which was custom-built for Bordo. In the three months since going live we have 20% of customers placing their own orders this way. This has been a big time-saver for our office staff, and our customers love being able to place orders directly into our system at a time that suits them.

One of the things I like is the drag & drop functionality of the web site, which works similarly to the drag & drop functionality in SapphireOne itself. Customers can create an order in Excel or export out of their ERP system, then just drag and drop it straight into the customer Web API. Then in real time it uploads into SapphireOne. Customers and sales reps can also find out what is in stock without having to call us, that’s another big selling feature which is very handy. They can look at stock price and availability online, at any time of the day or night.

Another thing we have done is implement the Pricebook API. The sales reps can now change price books on the Web which changes dynamically in SapphireOne real-time – it’s impressive. “