SapphireOne Community- a new platform to learn, share and connect

SapphireOne Community a central place to learn, share and connect

IT’S ARRIVED! SapphireOne would like to introduce a new resource for you called SapphireOne Community. This is a central place where our clients and users can access the latest guides, interactive manuals and step-by-step videos of our SapphireOne application. 

It’s a great place to share, connect and ask questions on your ERP Accounting needs.

What to expect in SapphireOne Community

New features, release notes and latest versions will be listed on this Community platform to keep you ahead of changes. 

To launch, we have been working on the Accounts Mode. Take a look at the easy to follow, intuitive overviews with tips and shortcuts that are bound to ensure working with SapphireOne is faster and more productive.

What’s to come- the rest of SapphireOne guides and videos on our 8 modes. These include Inventory, Job Projects, Payroll/HR, Assets Management, Management, Utilities and Workbook. Web Pack, Market Pack, Web POS and Release Notes will also be featured in detail giving you, the user a simplified way of learning.

Can’t find the information you need? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Prefer to speak to one of the team?  Fill in our form and we’ll be in touch. 

The best part of Community- it’s online, allowing you access 24/7 on any device!

Discover now SapphireOne Community

Accounts Receivable Money Receipt in SapphireOne Community

In the meantime, rest assured our manuals are still available on the FTP server until the content is transferred into our Community site. The manuals are continuously updated with new and exciting features and are a tremendous guide for training and reference purposes.   

To access the manuals, go to FileZilla, connect, then click on the Public Folder. In the SapphireOne Manuals folder you will find a list of the current versions. Highlight and drag the manual you would like to transfer to your desktop.

Click for more information regarding improvements and features within the latest release of SapphireOne ERP, CRM, DMS and Business Accounting Software Application. Alternatively, contact our office on (02) 8362 4500 or request a demo.

SapphireOne ERP Business Accounting application for inventory management to maintain accurate stock

SapphireOne ERP Accounting Software can control your Inventory and maintain accurate stock

In simplified terms, inventory management allows organisations to see all the small moving parts of its operations thus ensuring they make better decisions and investments. It is a key element in business today, and an ERP software provides an integrated approach to business planning and operations. Over-inventory or under-inventory will affect your finances and can damage the overall health of your business as well as business opportunities.

The SapphireOne ERP Business Accounting application ensures you have the integration you need to help you make quick decisions and avoid mistakes. The inventory management module assists you in managing your finances, logistics, operations and inventory management, to maintain accurate records of stock all in one central repository.

Obtain a powerful solution for the accurate control of stock, inventory management, from ordering, manufacturing, right through to sales and delivery with SapphireOne ERP Accounting application

A shortage of stock will result in dissatisfied consumers, with a flow on effect of less sales and greater handling and delivery charges. The all-in-one SapphireOne ERP Business Accounting application solution integrates the organisation to working within the one data file, with access to real-time data to make it easier to monitor and control movement of stock.  Accurate reporting gives you the flexibility necessary to meet changing demands. The ERP will ensure you have better control of your stock and its movements by improving efficiency across multiple departments and operations in the supply chain.

Obtain a complete view of inventory management under one application platform

SapphireOne helps you to view inventory and track items in one application. All departments are integrated and receive instant visibility from entry of inventory as raw materials to their exit as finished goods to the suppliers/customers. This real-time visibility across the operations and supply chain provides the necessary planning tools to help you make better decisions.

Avoiding over and understocking

SapphireOne ERP application gives you real-time data to instantly see surplus or shortage in stock and react accordingly. This manages stock optimisation and inventory control and keeps track of the items that are selling quickly. Pre-built automated solutions are within the SapphireOne ERP application to help with streamlining of all stock activities.

Get smarter warehouse managing techniques

Correct warehousing techniques ensure the management of multiple sales and logistics channels. It coordinates movements of goods in and out of the organisation warehouses.

SapphireOne ERP application facilitates order and operating delivery flows with automation, multiple tracking options to access bin locations, centralised database and advanced picking methodologies. This will improve warehouse productivity via labor efficiency, decreasing inventory levels, increasing order fulfilment and reducing order cycle times.

SapphireOne ERP application provides speed and visibility across the supply chains within the organisations

Without control of the supply chains as they grow more complex and global, organisations today risk extended lead times, running out of stock, delayed deliveries or complete stoppage of production. Ensuring the right stock is at the right place, right time, is critical to managing supply chain volatility.

SapphireOne ERP application mitigates these challenges by giving you control, speed and visibility. Automated processes, expanded insights, BI (Business Intelligence) Dashboards enables you to find patterns rapdily and use the data to further improve your company’s offering. Real-time data and visibility within a centralised database ensure accurate management of supply chains and operations.

Helps in responding faster to customers through real-time information

With customers being your most valuable asset, it makes sense ensuring their demands are met in a timely manner. SapphireOne ERP application delivers real-time data in one database across the organisation, so goods and level of service are kept at an optimum level. Our ERP system has all the information integrated and ready, so you can respond quickly on important decisions on what to do now or in the future.  Queries regarding product availability or managing inventory management can be dealt with accurately giving your business the competitive edge.

SapphireOne ERP application helps in forecasting future stock needs with precision and accuracy for your inventory management

Stock management allows you to properly plan your stock needs. Stock quantity must be accurate so you can forecast in a timely manner. SapphireOne ERP application ensures you have real-time data to gain the confidence you need to forecast demand. Our inventory management module will highlight specific demands of stock, track turnover, in turn will help with forecasting and ordering of the right quantity. Data analysis and rich reporting features ensures you can deliver precise demands, accurate forecasting and predictions.

Plan your inventory with SapphireOne ERP

Avoid all your inventory pitfalls with SapphireOne ERP Accounting application. Planning will improve profits through reduced inventory cost structures. SapphireOne ERP application has automated order replenishment and with the functionality of real-time data, surplus inventory is spotted immediately. Inventory turnover with the ability to drill down to tracking segments of inventory, improves your supply chain efficiency and productivity.

Reduce manufacturing costs and streamline business reporting through SapphireOne ERP application

Reduce manufacturing costs and streamline business reporting through SapphireOne ERP application
SapphireOne ERP application has the ability to drastically reduce the amount of labor necessary with automation of reports, and also increase efficiencies in many other areas such as manufacturing.  Flexibility of processes, smart inventory management and planning empowers the business owner to make better, more informed decisions.

SapphireOne automates business reporting by taking orders, tracking inventory, processing and shipping orders

The SapphireOne sales menu allows you to create a quote, convert it to a client order, produce a picking slip, packing slip and client invoice. The inventory management module automates inventory distribution, control and tracking. Enterprise-wide visibility, access to real-time data, mobile technologies ensure processing and shipping of orders are streamlined.

Shipping complete orders on time

Customers today are becoming more demanding and less forgiving when orders are not fulfilled correctly or on time. Integration is the key and with more and more businesses outsourcing their shipping, SapphireOne ERP allows you to connect with external partners.  This ensures all systems communicate with each other, so stock, order and shipping information are in synch.

Standardising business reporting processes

ERP systems are tools that enable organisations to standardise business reporting as they offer rich functionalities based on best practice. SapphireOne continuously invests in research and development to ensure your inventory management software in our ERP application empowers your business reporting.

Improving inventory accuracy

SapphireOne ERP application provides in a single location, real-time data on stock, orders, production, shipping, and customers. Customised reporting and dashboards enable management to track inventory and plan for future growth.

Reduction in administrative costs

SapphireOne ERP application streamlines your business reporting process by centralising and automating which translates into enormous time-saving implications and reduction in administration costs. Efficiency is increased using a single database by cutting down on double-entry, and automation of daily tasks increases production and accuracy.

Reduction in operating costs 

SapphireOne inventory management was developed to reduce costs in the supply chain. Improved communication with real-time data, inventory control and increasing employee efficiency through standardised practices all translate to reducing operating costs.

For more information regarding improvements and features within the latest release of SapphireOne ERP Business Accounting Application please contact our office on (02) 8362 4500 or request a demo.

SapphireOne ERP is an effective management reporting system

SapphireOne ERP is an effective management reporting system

In a data-driven world, having solid and reliable data is critical to manage your business. But the real challenge lies within converting the data into actionable intelligence, to ensure it’s useful and easily understood by your employees.  You need business intelligence to assess, improve performance and drive strategies to ensure your organisation has a competitive edge. With the right tools and techniques, you will stay on top of your business and ahead of the game.

SapphireOne has developed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that’s not your average ERP system preloaded with jargon reporting tools, but a simple, logical and effective way to achieve your desired goals.

SapphireOne ERP is part of their CRM and Accounting software suit which includes modules in Accounts, Inventory, Job Projects, Assets, Payroll/HR, Management, Utilities and Workbook…. that are life changing.

Improve efficiency of resources in the delivery of organisational services with SapphireOne Management Reporting system

SapphireOne Management Reporting System (part of the ERP system) enables you to influence and play a key role in shaping your profitable business strategy. The scope of the system is extensive and designed to improve decision making, management effectiveness and efficiency of resources in the delivery of organisational services.

A key functionality of the SapphireOne ERP- Management Reporting System is automation of your traditional bookkeeping or accounting activities. This provides management with the tools to develop and formulate the right business decisions such as; identifying problems, evaluating and implementing alternate solutions and reviewing implementations.

The SapphireOne ERP- Management Reporting System will also generate effective management reports that streamline and enhance your business operations. Our system has undergone continuous development and transformation over the years making it a robust platform for reporting and management.

SapphireOne ERP, CRM and Accounting software suite is an extremely versatile product with the ability to adapt to any necessary requirements requested by the user. SapphireOne is very proud of the ongoing relationships we build with our clients; our development and support teams are on hand to assist and guide you every step of the way.

Take a look at a testimonial from Mark Fawcett, Ballarat Bolts and Fasteners. SapphireOne has provided support since the beginning, is an integral part of their business growth with systems like our SapphireOne ERP- Management Reporting System.

For a sneak peek at the full capabilities ERPCRMAccounting SoftwareHuman ResourcesPayrollAssets and Document Management,  check out SapphireOne and request a live demo, it is everything you’ll ever need to make your company management a success. Know more about us.

Nothing compares to meeting with users in a real environment

Frutex Australia onsite visit Wednesday 12th July 2017

The decision of which ERP system best suits your business is not an easy one and an onsite visit helps. There are a lot of things to consider when you want to implement a new ERP system. Implementation takes months, sometimes years to fully integrate into your organisation’s information system.

It can be challenging to change your current business systems. The decision is not to be rushed into until you have done your research. SapphireOne provides you with options, so you can see how well it will fit into your organisation. If you want to see a real life example of SapphireOne in action, we can take you for an Onsite visit.

On average, ERP solutions are in operation for ten years and a successful partnership between a business and their ERP vendors can last decades.

Frutex Australia is one of our long term clients and have been using SapphireOne since 1999.  Frutex is a major player in the food industry. Their company is a technology leader in the food industry, investing heavily in state of the art plant and equipment. They utilise a steam sterilisation manufacturing process. This process is the largest in the southern hemisphere.Frutex manages multiple companies utilising separate SapphireOne data files.

On 12th July 2017 SapphireOne conducted an on site visit with a potential client to Frutex Australia.The Frutex site is 60,000 square metres including their Corporate Head Office and 6 warehouses. We toured the site on a golf buggy as the site is too large to walk around. We inspected their Manufacturing and production lines. They have multiple grinding and blending facilities for all their spices.

One of the six warehouses is a bulk storage facility which is stacked 7 pallets high. The Frutex Server room facilities use a significant amount of battery power run by solar panels on the top of their corporate head office.

During onsite visit, The potential client found it to be extremely informative and Harry Magiros the IT and Marketing Manager for the Frutex Group of Companies, was an excellent host.

The SapphireOne financial packages is an industry leader in both functionality and features at an extremely affordable pricing. View the pricing plans or discover how SapphireOne ERP, CRM and Business Accounting software suite can help your business by requesting a live demo today.

SapphireOne Business Accounting Software Structure

Organisation Structure of Sapphire Single user and SapphireOne Client Server, ERP Accounting Software  is based on traditional double-entry accounting. The heart of a double-entry accounting system is the General Ledger, which is composed of a series of accounts called the Chart of Accounts.

The heart of a double-entry accounting system is the General Ledger.


Accounting Software Structure :

Inventory is the heart of the Sapphire and SapphireOne system.

Sapphire and SapphireOne provides a comprehensive suite of inventory management functions. Almost all transactions from both Sales and Purchases within Sapphire and SapphireOne are based on an inventory item of some type.

On the sales side, we have a Quotes – type code QCI, Orders – type code OCI, Invoices – type code SCI, Client Credits – type code SCC

Inventory sales section

And on the purchasing side, we have Requisitions –type code RVI, Orders – type code OVI, Invoices – type code PVI, Vendor Credits – type code PVC



Inventory purchase section

When projects are used, additional transactions will be created from projects mode; there are – Project Journals type code JGJ, Work Journals – type code WGJ

SapphireOne Job project

Accounts Mode-

Once the transactions have been raised in Inventory Mode the appropriate transactions may be linked transactions may be entered in accounts mode.


Sapphire and SapphireOne provides all standard accounting functions for the entry of transactions relating to your clients. These include:

Money receipts – type code MR, Client invoices – type code CI, client credits – type code CC, client receipts – type code CR, client journals – type code CJ


Sapphire and SapphireOne provides all standard accounting procedures for the entry of transactions for your suppliers. These include:

Money payments – type code MP, vendor invoices – type code VI, vendor credits – type code VC, vendor payments – type code VP, vendor journals- type code VJ.

Posting a transaction will write the balances to your general ledger account and they may no longer be modified as is normal business practice once the transactions is posted.

From SapphireOne accounts mode - Posting a transaction will write the balances to your general ledger account and they may no longer be modified


Job Projects-

Job Projects are used when consolidation and the tracking of income and expedition is required.

Transactions that are created by Job projects from sales are Project Invoices – type code JCI and Project Credit Memos – type code JCC.

They are also created from the purchase side and these range from vendor invoices – type code VI and vendor credits – type code VC.

Resources may also be used  in a Job project. These can be resource based. These transactions are given a type code RS. A job projects based transactions which is given a type code PR.

Job Projects are used when consolidation and the tracking of income and expedition is required.



Sapphire and SapphireOne Payroll / HR is designed to complement Sapphire and SapphireOne Financials. Sapphire and SapphireOne Payroll operates with all the same standards and methods as Sapphire and SapphireOne Financials, including all reporting layouts.

Resource and project time sheets may also be directly imported into Sapphire and SapphireOne’s payroll / HR system.

Payroll / HR transfers data to financials using a general ledger journal – type code GJ, or Vendor Invoice type code VI.

Payroll / HR transfers data to financials using a general ledger journal


Assets –

Sapphire and SapphireOne provide control of depreciation as well as the management of the purchase and sales of your company’s assets. Asset depreciation is calculated on a company basis and an Australian Taxation Office – ATO standard rate which is the rate that is transferred to your general ledger. The system uses a general ledger journal type code GJ, and vendor invoice – type code VI, when transferring the data to the general ledger.

. Asset depreciation is calculated on a company basis and an Australian Taxation Office – ATO standard rate which is the rate that is transferred to your general ledger.

~ Organisation Structure of SapphireOne Business Accounting Software Video ~

SapphireOne Business Accounting Software