SapphireOne + Brandscope API streamlines wholesale trade and drives sales.

Brandscope is a dynamic and intuitive cloud-based e-commerce trading hub empowering global Suppliers, Agents and Retailers to source and supply multiple brands on one intuitive, specialised wholesale trading platform that streamlines wholesale trade and drives profitability.

SapphireOne + Brandscope API makes wholesale trading easy.

SapphireOne seamlessly integrates with numerous Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and are extremely proud to have integrated with Brandscope wholesale B2B platform.

Brandscope is a dynamic and intuitive cloud-based e-commerce trading hub empowering global Suppliers, Agents and Retailers to source and supply multiple brands on one intuitive, specialised wholesale trading platform that streamlines wholesale trade and drives profitability.

The platform reinvents the sales and marketing process using unique cloud-based software that ‘mimics’ the traditional wholesale process, ensuring fast end user engagement and marketing entrenchment.

Head quartered on the Gold Coast, Australia, Brandscope has a growing footprint into Asia, Europe and America servicing renowned global brands across multiple distribution channels including Action Sport, Lifestyle Fashion, Outdoor, Sport and Leisure.

Brandscope empowers Suppliers, Agents and Retailers to source and supply multiple brands on one intuitive, specialised wholesale trading platform.

The Brandscope platform empowers Suppliers, Retailers and Agents to:

Suppliers: Launch your brand to leading retailers with flair and speed using exciting technology that streamlines the expensive sales process.

Retailers: Scope out and buy brands online using  state of the art purchasing tools.

Agents: Manage your Brands, Suppliers and Retailers with greater efficiency using technology that does the work for you.

Implementation of the Brandscope API has brought tremendous success to SapphireOne clients.

With the integration of Brandscope, SapphireOne clients can now automatically upload inventory data and status from their SapphireOne ERP system directly into Brandscope. RESTful service accepts Orders from Brandscope to the SapphireOne system and synchronises the data seamlessly between the two platforms. 

“Brandscope has made a wonderful difference. Previously we were manually entering incoming orders and answering phone calls, and giving stock count to our customers verbally. As soon as we integrated Brandscope with SapphireOne we found that the customers who are using Brandscope have up-to-date stock availability, and are saving one and half people’s workload for manual order entry. The SapphireOne Brandscope integration has also reduced the data entry mistakes for our customers.”

– Robert Grant, Founder of Reflex Sports.

The ability to accurately track inventory across all channels is essential to maintaining a fluid system. With the integration of Brandscope API with SapphireOne you can now synchronise your orders with your inventory, stay up-to-date with your sales as they happen and get real-time sales data and advanced reporting.

Any questions?

For more information on our Brandscope Partnership and our customisable API Integrations and Partnerships, please contact us or book a call with a member of our Support Team. We’re always here to help!

Make life easier & scale your business with SapphireOne’s customisable API Integrations.

An API Integration is the connection made between two (or more) separate applications, via their APIs, that allows the two systems to talk & exchange data between each other.

API Integrations are a breeze with SapphireOne’s customisable solutions.

If you’re someone who works in revenue, operations or marketing, or if your company is backed by the power of digital (so, the large majority of us these days) then you have most likely heard the term ‘API Integrations’ floating around more than once, and how these are becoming increasingly instrumental and necessary for business growth.

In todays world companies are changing fast, their business is changing fast, and through our own client engagement we are seeing a rapidly rising demand for our clients to digitally integrate their corporate landscape in alignment with their future goals, and take advantage of the various and exciting applications that are available to businesses these days.

At SapphireOne we know that scalability and keeping up with new technological trends is an important consideration for all businesses, and that adapting to these new changes within our dynamic ecosystem can also bring about a number of problems for companies. We see it happen every single day. 

Lucky for us, this is the reason why we are in business for our clients. It’s the same reason why we enthusiastically jump-kick out of bed to get to work every day – we are passionate about creating solutions that take a complex task and make it as simple as possible. 

So, if you’re looking for seamless digital integration of different components of your landscape, or are having challenges bringing together complex applications, then read on to find out how you can achieve all this with much less effort, easier adaptation and big options for scalability.

So what is an API Integration, and how can they help scale your business?

What is an API?

Technically speaking, an API stands for ‘Application Programming Interface’. Non-technically speaking, is a software intermediary that allows separate applications to talk to each other. You can think of an API as a messenger that delivers your request to the provider you’re requesting from, and then delivers that response right back to you. 

What is an API Integration?

An API Integration is the connection made between two (or more) separate applications, via their APIs, that allows the two systems to talk & exchange data between each other. These API integrations power the business processes behind all high performing companies – they keep data synced up, enhance operations & productivity by saving time, and drive revenue.

Ok, that covers APIs and API Integrations. Now, why are these so necessary for your business?

Data syncing and time saving benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why API integrations are so important for the running & scaling of your business. The value of these integrations speaks for itself – having every application you are running properly connected to each other so you can send data from one to the next is extremely helpful for any business. 

However, even more so, having properly automated workflows of different applications that have been integrated through APIs can ensure data integrity across your whole technological infrastructure, eliminate time consuming manual labour tasks, seamlessly transfer data that might otherwise result in translating issues, and enable you to do more of the work that is important to you and your business, a lot faster. 

Well that sounds pretty great. So what’s the problem?

In an ideal world, the API integrations that come with your different software applications solve all your biggest business problems as you continue to utilize & automate these various apps for marketing, sales, shipping, operations and revenue projects, just to name a few.

However, in the real world, a one-size-fits-all approach is not usually the best solution. You, your team and your business all have unique challenges and needs, and your applications and systems need to service that. 

This is where API integrations can get a little sticky. If you’re an established and high functioning business, your data ecosystem doesn’t just include two applications talking to each other, but a multitude of applications, all of which need to talk and interact seamlessly with each other.

Now, while the majority of these modern business applications do have APIs, very few offer customisable integrations to the other applications your business is operating. This means that getting all your different applications to talk to each other in the way that your business needs is not something that happens automatically and can be a real headsore for anyone trying to make this happen. 

A better way to integrate your applications and systems: SapphireOne’s fully customisable and all encompassing software solutions.

Fortunately, we’ve already got the solution, and we’ve been developing it continuously since 1986. We are a bunch of like minded souls who have come together to share the same mission – delivering innovative software solutions that can take a complex task, make it as simple as possible, and help people do their jobs better. 

Your business does not need to pay for and integrate multiple APIs, we’ve already done it for you.

Why SapphireOne customisable solutions:

  • We are an all encompassing ERP, Accounting Software, CRM, Document Management, Payroll HR, Assets and Inventory Management software. No need for separate plugins, we’ve got you covered.

  • Don’t see an API integration that you need? SapphireOne software is also fully customisable, so if we don’t already have the integration or functionality your business requires, just tell us and we’ll make it happen, quick fast. 

  • And it doesn’t stop there. All the integrations & customisations we make go into the one piece of source code.

    What does that mean for you? This means that all integrations and customisations are accessible to all our customers, and you have access to full functionality, at any time.

    In most cases, businesses are required to pay for additional plugins and offerings, and to get full functionality can make this an expensive undertaking. With SapphireOne, your business may not need all the integrations right now, but you can relax knowing that you will always have the option as your business grows, for no additional costs. 

    Think of it like this – if a customer requires a custom bespoke tailored suit to be made, then we all get a bespoke suit to wear, any time we like!

  • What this means for our clients is that our software is continuously innovating, all the time. We know that your business has different requirements at every stage of development, and we partner with you to back your business and meet your changing needs at every level.

Our custom API integrations have been taking our clients businesses from strength to strength for many years.

Hague Haswell of Timbecon on SapphireOne + Australia Post API Integration:

“We’re probably saving 25% upfront and about 10% on the fixing up of the errors, so that’s a massive saving of almost a third of someone’s time. The great thing for us is that we’re not going to reduce staff, instead we’re keeping the same staff and this will allow us to be able to get the orders out more quickly, which is creating a better customer experience and increases repeat orders.

This was one of the driving things of the reason why we wanted to go with SapphireOne because we knew that they would be able to deliver this massive increase in efficiency once the system was implemented and it’s been fantastic.”

Learn more on our blog here.

James Brown of Bordo on SapphireOne + MoveIt API Integration:

“We used to have to create consignments in different systems, one for each freight company. If a client changed their address, we would have to remember to change it in the freight company’s system as well as in SapphireOne.

We had a whole lot of different systems we had to use, staff had to be trained on them all, and all the systems had to be kept up-to-date manually with addresses, etc. Now that’s automated in SapphireOne with its integration to MoveIt. 

It has made the whole process a lot more simple, convenient and less error-prone one.”

Learn more on our blog here.

So get in touch, we’d love to hear how we can help grow your business.

We know more than anyone that if you’re truly going to service your clients, everything has to be integrated across all areas of your business, and that you can’t offer a great product or service without it. 

So get in touch or book a live demo with us, we’d love to discuss your business needs and how our software can make your life easier & grow your business to its full potential.