Why you should be using SapphireOne SoftPhone integration.

Use SapphireOne SoftPhone integration to manage internal and external calls, maximise your CRM system and build relationships that last.

Use SapphireOne SoftPhone integration to manage internal and external calls, maximise your CRM system and build relationships that last.

In our increasingly mobile business world, it is becoming more and more critical for businesses to employ technology to help employees remain connected and productive while working from anywhere. A SoftPhone integration is an essential communications tool that will set your business up for success by helping all your employees stay connected to the office no matter where they are.

Furthermore, when integrated directly with your Client Relationship Management (CRM) system, SoftPhone technology will help your whole team work more collaboratively through unifying the entire infrastructure of your business.

What is a SoftPhone integration?

A SoftPhone is essentially a software-based phone, bringing all the functionality of a desk phone into a computer or mobile device. It uses software to mimic the functionality of a desk phone on your screen, including a dial pad and call handling features (hold, transfer, mute, etc). 

It also uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology, which allows you to make voice calls over the internet using your data.

Benefits of using SoftPhone technology.

  1. Access your business phone anytime, anywhere – SoftPhone technology does not require a physical telephone line, and instead utilises Sip Trunk, ISDN or PSDN networks allowing you to access your business phone directly through a Desktop app, Tablet or Mobile device.

  2. Perfect for remote and off-site employees – Using the SoftPhone application, employees can answer incoming calls as well as make outgoing calls directly from their device, just as if they were in the office.

  3. Reduced costs and savings – SoftPhone eliminates the need to purchase hard phones for every employee, and VoIP technology utilises data to place affordable calls – even for international communication.

  4. Secure communication lines – SoftPhone technology operates over your own Virtual Private Network (VPN) and is always encrypted and secure.

  5. Improved relationships – Clear communication is key to all great relationships, and SoftPhone technology gives you the tools needed to help build strong relationships with your clients, vendors and employees.

SapphireOne CRM software is integrated with SoftPhone technology.

A significant part of SapphireOne application is Customer Relationship Management, with our primary focus on fulfilling the customers needs. This is achieved by using cutting edge technologies to organise, automate and integrate the sales, marketing and customer service components of the business. 

SapphireOne has integrated with VoIP service provider SpliceCom Maximizer to build-in SoftPhone functionality directly to our CRM package, helping our clients to manage communication with clients, vendors and employees.

“SapphireOne’s SoftPhone gives us a complete overview of all inbound and outbound calls. This extends to our cellphone users. Not many ERP, CRM, Accounting software vendors have implemented SoftPhone in their system – this technology gives us an edge and is part of the organic growth with our customers.” 

Harry Magiros, Frutex Australia.

Main features of SapphireOne CRM SoftPhone technology.

  • Make calls directly from SapphireOne CRM to your contact list. It is as simple as opening the client contact, clicking on the green button to begin a call, and clicking the red button to end a call. No more dialling or inputting the phone numbers manually.

  • Keep a history of all client communication. All calls made within SapphireOne are automatically time, date, location and user stamped.

  • Make notes and comments for every call. SapphireOne also allows you to write notes, comments or short descriptions of the conversation. This helps to keep track of important conversations between caller and received, and keep everyone updated on all information.

  • Get notifications of all incoming calls. Notifications of all incoming calls and caller identity will pop-up on your desktop. Any missed calls will be logged, and all voice messages will be emailed to you directly.

  • Keep a voice record of all communication. All calls made through SapphireOne have the option to be automatically voice recorded and emailed to you, so you always have a record of your conversation to reference.

Any questions?

As always, if you have any questions about how our integrated SoftPhone technology can help your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch or book a demo with a member of our team. We’re always here to help!

Blog by John Adams, Archana Sawant and Madeleine Kent.

Customer Relationship Management to gain better insights for sales

Customer relationship management to gain better insights for sales

We all know that customers are the key to your business success. But where should you focus your time and money on? Acquiring new customers or keeping the existing ones happy? Well it can come down to simply budget. It costs more to find new customers than to keep the ones you already have. So, customer relationship management makes more business sense.

Managing interactions with your customers helps your sales team gain better insights and understand a customers’ needs. Then they are able to address those needs throughout the customer lifecycle. Your sales team will be able to prioritise the right customer relationships and know when and where to engage. Building these relationships creates a bond of trust.

Maintain your customer relationship management – tips on easy ways

The fundamental element of retaining your customers is to understand their needs. Here are a few management tools to consider:

Listen to your customers

Keep in contact, always be approachable and respond. A good way to listen and respond quickly is by social networks. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts provide a space for your business and customers to connect. Customers tend to reach out and will express concerns on issues and provide feedback.

Respect your customers time

We all know time is becoming the most precious resource. So, respecting your customers time shows that they matter to you. Schedule appointments so no one has to wait on the other party and know when to small talk or talk business. Get straight to business and you’ll be seen as respectful and self-aware.

Follow the rule : under promise and over deliver

Yes, it is a cliché, but it should be a habit. No customer wants to feel let down and if you over deliver, you’ll always look good.

Set mutual goals and build credibility over time

As soon as you start a new project organise a time to discuss and come up with mutual goals. This ensures everyone is on the same page and can be referred to later on if challenges arise. Also credibility takes time so don’t try and build overnight. Trust takes years to build so be consistent and methodical in how you deal with your customers.

Be transparent and keep in touch

Remember everyone makes mistakes so be open about them. This proves that you’re human and will put your customer at ease after the initial frustration. Also stay in contact to stay “top of mind”. This again shows you value the relationship and helps to ensure your customers don’t leave you for someone else or forget about you.

Click for more information on improving customer relationships and sales with SapphireOne CRM.

Alternatively, contact our office on (02) 8362 4500 or request a demo.

Accounting Payroll software with all the functions that you need

Accounting payroll software streamline your reporting process
Payroll is an important component for every organisation and an efficient payroll system represents the organisation’s perspective of its employees. It takes care of, not just the salaries & wages but also the morale of the employees. Previously, payroll was done in a traditional way, such as manual data entry into time sheets, paying hard cash or issuing a cheque and taking a ‘received’ note from the employee etc. However everything is digital now and if companies are not adopting the digital way then it will in turn negatively affect the company’s operations.

Payroll software is now available as a separate program or comes integrated with other programs that manage business accounting, inventory etc. Accounting payroll software should be easy to use and reliable. Management should keep in mind the important functions that payroll software should do before committing to a particular payroll program. Here are some important features to be considered.

Important features that should be present in a Accounting Payroll software


Your payroll program should be in compliance with the government tax system and the recent introduction of Single Touch Payroll (by Australian Taxation Office) will revolutionise the payroll system in the near future. Tax deduction details, insurance and other details of the employee will be made readily available to the government with STP.  The ultimate goal of your payroll system should be accurate recording, reporting and paying of payroll taxes according to the law.


The payroll software should streamline your reporting process. Your payroll system should be able to support your employee’s work alignment, working hours and reporting.  Tasks of recording employee check in and check out, leave request, leaves applicable, weekly or monthly alerts to the employees etc. should be easily handled by your accounting payroll software.


Calculating deductions is an important feature that should be present in your payroll software. Deductions for employee taxes, membership, insurance etc. should be automatically done by your payroll. Your payroll software should protect all the confidential details of your employees’, company’s payroll setup and for that, a sophisticated accounting payroll software is needed to protect the data from hackers.

Tax Calculations: 

Your software should support filing and printing of various tax forms of central, state and local offices. Tasks like the generation of payslips, tax file declarations, bank statements, superannuation and salary details should be easily handled by your payroll software.

Calculating Superannuation:

The Payroll function calculates the amount of superannuation you need to pay on behalf of your employees, but on occurrences the figure calculated might appear to be incorrect or in fact, not even calculate at all. SapphireOne ERP Accounting Software guides you through the areas you need to check, and how to adjust over- or under-paid superannuation amounts.

Companies have now realised the importance of payroll software and it’s advantages over the slow and laborious manual payroll system. Companies are looking for payroll software that is simple to use, provides technical support, needs less training, cost-effective and that is built-in for their industry.

For a sneak peek at the full capabilities ERPCRMAccounting SoftwareHuman ResourcesPayrollAssets and Document Management,  check out SapphireOne and request a live demo, it is everything you’ll ever need to make your company management a success.

Booking an appointment online with Sapphire Support System

We are excited to introduce our new Support framework, this development is for our existing Platinum and Diamond Support clients. With Sapphire Support System, our customers get better self-service and will see improved efficiency and faster resolution times.

With Sapphire Support System, our customers get better self-service and will see improved efficiency

To access our online support system, log in to SapphireOne.com and select Support:

 Click on ‘Book A Support Call Now’ button for support booking

SapphireOne Support Booking

Enter your support code (Client ID + serial number)

Business Accounting

Select GO :-

ERP Accounting
Fill in your contact details (or select from the prefilled options)

Select the date and time from the available appointments, add a description of your support query. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment.

Implementing SapphireOne’s Support System will definitely bring an improved customer relationship (CRM) into Sapphire for both our clients and our technical support team.

As always, if you have any questions regarding these changes or any other queries don’t hesitate to reach out.

For a sneak peek at the full capabilities ERPCRMAccounting Software, Human Resources, Payroll, Assets and Document Management,  check out SapphireOne and request a live demo, it is everything you’ll ever need to make your company management a success.

How to book a support call?

Why CRM Software matters to your business?

Customer Relatioship Management Software improve business processes
A CRM software system can give you a well-defined overview of your customers. You can see everything in one place – a simple, customizable dashboard that can tell you a customer’s former history with you, the status of their orders, any exceptional customer service issues and many more insights. Anyone can use a CRM Software to better understand the pipeline of sales or prospects coming in, making forecasting simpler and more accurate. You will have a clear path from inquiries to sales or prospects, making forecasting simpler and more precise.

There are many CRM Application companies in the market, but what makes SapphireOne unique from the competition is that it is an integral part of the ERP Solution and therefore accelerates user productivity.

The CRM application handles all contact, service and technical support. It also includes Calendar, Recording of Calls, Notes, Softphone and Document management. The CRM system is a very comprehensive tool, that has an enormous number of features and functionalities. It allows your user community to connect your company via any device that is browser enabled.

How CRM Software improve business processes?

Benefits of CRM Software functionality :-

Stronger Client Relationships

It is impossible to grow a relationship when you are unaware of the needs of your customers. Customer Relationship Management system helps your business collect and manage your customer’s information, sales leads, suppliers, vendors and other business related information. CRM helps you in maintaining relationships with your customers.

Improve the simplicity of business

CRM Systems gives your business the ability to move away from multiple tools like spreadsheets, that do not perform entire functionality but drop diminutive information into a diversity of areas. CRM provides access to customer’s preferences, purchase histories, interactions and past contacts. This increased amount of information makes it easier for your company to create a sales pipeline.

Increase team synergy

Most companies have their business outlined by a strategic plan. Within these boundaries, there are internal and external staff assigned to provide support, products, services to businesses. CRM application consider the challenges faced across your company and helps you proactively advance both the customer relationship and your business goals concurrently.

Improve efficiency in serving clients/vendors
A Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) provides a range of communication services to help your sales, marketing and service resources to manage and improve your business contacts and relationship with your customers. A CRM System helps you to improve the routine, competence and viability of your business, promotion and customer service function.

Greater Staff satisfaction

Company staff who are satisfied with their assurance to communal responsibility have optimistic views about their employer in several other significant areas – including its intellect of way, affordability, reliability, interest in their well-being and employee engagement.

Increase revenue and profitability

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a good way to increase your revenue and competitive advantage. The CRM system is a way to track and manage customer information, customer interactions and customer preferences. It helps to make the whole customer service experience smoother while also building increased revenue and a competitive advantage. Using CRM will make it easier to convert sales, build long lasting relationship and communicate better with your customers.

Cost Savings

CRM applications improve business processes and assist in staff making informed decisions through faster access to and retrieval of information. CRM Systems save staff time and reduce costs by handling all documents in one integrated ERP/CRM file.

A CRM integrated with your Accounting ERP application will help your organisation generate new business and strengthen client loyalty. SapphireOne CRM system goes beyond traditional accounting software. Reach a deeper level of client engagement by organizing all interactions – emails, phone calls, appointments in a centralised database.

For a sneak peek at the full capabilities of an ERP, CRM, Accounting Software check out Sapphireone and request for a live demo, its everything you’d ever need to make management a breeze.