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Customer Relationship Management to gain better insights for sales

Customer relationship management to gain better insights for sales

We all know that customers are the key to your business success. But where should you focus your time and money on? Acquiring new customers or keeping the existing ones happy? Well it can come down to simply budget. It costs more to find new customers than to keep the ones you already have. So, customer relationship management makes more business sense.

Managing interactions with your customers helps your sales team gain better insights and understand a customers’ needs. Then they are able to address those needs throughout the customer lifecycle. Your sales team will be able to prioritise the right customer relationships and know when and where to engage. Building these relationships creates a bond of trust.

Maintain your customer relationship management – tips on easy ways

The fundamental element of retaining your customers is to understand their needs. Here are a few management tools to consider:

Listen to your customers

Keep in contact, always be approachable and respond. A good way to listen and respond quickly is by social networks. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts provide a space for your business and customers to connect. Customers tend to reach out and will express concerns on issues and provide feedback.

Respect your customers time

We all know time is becoming the most precious resource. So, respecting your customers time shows that they matter to you. Schedule appointments so no one has to wait on the other party and know when to small talk or talk business. Get straight to business and you’ll be seen as respectful and self-aware.

Follow the rule : under promise and over deliver

Yes, it is a cliché, but it should be a habit. No customer wants to feel let down and if you over deliver, you’ll always look good.

Set mutual goals and build credibility over time

As soon as you start a new project organise a time to discuss and come up with mutual goals. This ensures everyone is on the same page and can be referred to later on if challenges arise. Also credibility takes time so don’t try and build overnight. Trust takes years to build so be consistent and methodical in how you deal with your customers.

Be transparent and keep in touch

Remember everyone makes mistakes so be open about them. This proves that you’re human and will put your customer at ease after the initial frustration. Also stay in contact to stay “top of mind”. This again shows you value the relationship and helps to ensure your customers don’t leave you for someone else or forget about you.

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