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Batch Payment Processing simplifies workload

Batch payment processing allows multiple bills to be paid in SapphireOne

Batch payment processing in SapphireOne or bulk vendor payments allows multiple invoices to be paid to single or multiple vendors in one transaction. This ensures you spend less time on business administrative tasks by bundling bills together and scheduling payments. Payments are based on outstanding creditor invoices, with the key task selecting which invoices are to be paid.  Save time, money and reduce human errors in a few easy steps.

How to Create Batch Payment Processing in SapphireOne

There are different options available, the video below demonstrates one.

Step 1 

To allocate payments:

  • Go to Payables menu in top tool bar
  • Under Process go to Payments
  • In Process Payments tick “Create Payments” box and select By Transaction
  • Tick “Print Payments” and OK
  • In the Bank Account screen, select account then OK
  • In Process Payments screen, in the top tool bar Under Selection drop down menu, select “Due for Payment by date”
  • In the Request screen, enter the date
  • Tick the ones you would like to allocate then click on the Process button

Step 2

Creating Payment:

  • List of Bank Accounts for payment- choose your account again
  • In Transactions Reports- choose printer
  • Report Type- Remittance
  • Report Method- ABA file for EFT
  • Click on Print
  • In Payments screen- mark the ones you like to generate payments and hit Continue
  • In the Posting screen select “Update Internal Ref with payment number” then click continue
  • Check company information
  • Save Document screen- select where and name
  • Tick the next screens yes- Are you sure, Do you want EFT payments to be on bank req
  • In the Request screen record the EFT Internal Reference batch number

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