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Maximise your CRM system with SapphireOne’s SoftPhone functionality

Softphone is a software phone that enable users to call any telephone number without a physical telephone.  Softphone functionality works in many ways such as Computer to Computer, phone to phone where VOIP telephone & adapter is required.  Google hangout is a good example of Computer to computer softphone application. Softphone is the bridge between VoIP network and telephone line or mobile network.  It enables users to make a call between computer to a phone network and phone network to computer, when you have a dedicated number to receiver call.

The biggest benefit of having a SoftPhone is using the SoftPhone functionality, as it can help you realise huge savings. You can call any employee, client or supplier without having to worry about software matchup or whether or not they are online. It is a perfect solution for remote employees. On other hand, since SoftPhone is a virtual phone, users don’t have to worry about update, upgrade or upkeep.

SapphireOne CRM with SoftPhone Functionality:

A significant part of SapphireOne’s software is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM is a business strategy where primary focus is on fulfilling the customer’s needs. This is achieved by using cutting edge technologies to organise, automate and integrate the marketing sales and customer service components of the business. Inside SapphireOne CRM package, SoftPhone functionality is built-in. This helps with managing relationship with vendors, clients and employees.

SapphireOne ERP, CRM and Accounting Software is integrated with VoIP service provider SpliceCom Maximizer. SpliceCom phone administration system comes with many benefits. The system can handle up to 500 extensions, call logging with integrated call recording functionality and many more features.  With the integration of SpliceCom inside Sapphire single user and SapphireOne client server, calls can be made from SapphireOne’s software to your contact list.

SapphireOne contact inquiry

call from contact inquiry

Whenever a call is made from SapphireOne software, a timestamp is added to the ‘note’ area. It is as simple as clicking on the green button to make a call and when you would like to end click on the red phone button. No more dialling or inputting the phone numbers in manually, leading to less errors.

SapphireOne softphone voip SpliceCom Maximizer

SapphireOne softphone timestamp

System also allows to write notes, comments or short description of the conversation. This helps to track the important conversation between caller and receiver and keep up to date with information. All exchanges to your customers/suppliers/clients are logged and listed, adding another feature to your CRM. Each employee when logged into SapphireOne will show their employee ID, which is listed when the date and time stamps are given.

Softphone allows write notes track conversation

Take advantage of SapphireOne software suite’s Softphone functionality, to maximize your CRM system. Request a live demo to see how SapphireOne ERP, CRM, DMS and Accounting Software can help your business.

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