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3 Tips to ensure your business is more efficient with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Communication within your organisation is one of the key factors of efficiency in the workplace. Departments like accounts, sales, customer service and others need to easily communicate with each other.  One solution more and more companies are embracing is working through a centralised platform like an ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning System. For example, when someone from sales enters data, the accounting department receives the same information in real-time. Not only does this make the flow of work between departments easier, but it also reduces the loss of time and resources caused by errors which are inevitable a by-product of using multiple applications.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems how do they help..

Have you ever considered investing in ERP Software? Thinking of changing with the compliance of Single Touch Payroll (STP) by 1stJuly 2019. Need to make your business more efficient? Here are 3 tips.

Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems is the hub which integrates all areas of your business into one, single system. It can improve company’s efficiency by producing the most efficient way to optimize productivity as business processes are streamlined with workflows. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems allows data visibility for management so they can for example track employee performance and analyse results. They can then make informed decisions on what parts of the business and processes are working or not working.  Processors in sales and marketing through to warehouse production, management and planning, which are usually time consuming, can now be automated within the one system. No more costly employee mistakes.

Planning ahead

With the understanding of all processes in your business you can make better informed decisions, identify opportunities and plan ahead. Business planning identifies and addresses issues before they arise rather than running around and trying to negate the crisis after it’s occurred.  Planning and financial management ensures projects are kept within budgets as finances are tracked to prevent overspending.

More Effective Customer Service  

The key to any business is building those all-important relationships with customers. Many businesses integrate a Customer Relations Management (CRM) application in their Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, which can change the way your business interacts with customers. Order management, accurate inventory levels, customer information and tracking of orders are all part of the ERP Business Accounting Software, CRM capabilities. This ensures your staff can focus on customer interaction and don’t have to track other tasks thus wasting their time. With combining the both, there is no need to track data through the lifecycle in different applications, but bring this information together in order to make a clear assessment.

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