October 13, 2022 * John Adams at 9:21 am

How to Update Your Advanced Print Functionality

As SapphireOne progresses into Version 19.4, there will be significant coding changes to the SapphireOne application. These changes are to take advantage of the substantive improvements that Apple have implemented. 

Apple have enhanced their operating system by removing Python 2 to take full advantage of their new Apple Silicon. Some of these changes will require re-coding by the SapphireOne development team from time to time as we implement this new code. 

We will regularly update all of our SapphireOne user community with our broadcast blog letting you know what has changed and what operating system you will need to be running to take advantage of this new code and functionality. This current update is specifically for Monterey, with the release of Ventura in the near future. 

As as we have previously documented, the SapphireOne development team are currently converting and removing all inter-process variables. Furthermore, as previously indicated, this will take approximately another two years of coding to complete. Part of the process is optimising the SapphireOne source code for both the current offerings of Windows 11 and Apple Monterey and Ventura.

SapphireOne Advanced Print

SapphireOne clients running Advanced Print settings will need to upgrade their MacOS to Monterey or Ventura. 

Apple has made significant changes to their code in Monterey by removing Python 2. As a result, this has required SapphireOne to rewrite the Advanced Print functionality.

The SapphireOne development team have recoded SapphireOne Version 19.4 and 18.4 to address and update these changes. 

SapphireOne users who wish to continue using the Advanced Print feature will need to update all Apple computers to Monterey.

Furthermore, SapphireOne recommends Apple Silicon for significant performance increases across all functionality. Batch PDF Preview is also now running on SapphireOne Version 19.4.

With the introduction of 19.4 we recommend that all Apple based SapphireOne clients test 19.4 with the Sapphire Single User. Users can access this through your client portal, the SapphireOne File Station, by taking a current copy of your live data file and deploying this in the Sapphire Single User environment. We also recommend this approach for all Windows users. 


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