February 27, 2019 * John Adams at 10:11 am

Complete ERP solution ensures you don’t have your head in the clouds

By John Adams – CEO of SapphireOne

Imagine putting on a blindfold, getting behind the wheel of your car with your family to drive somewhere you have never been before. With this scenario you risk losing in a heartbeat what you love most in the world.

Our research has found cash flow is the number one concern for small business owners and the reason for this angst is because businesses, by their own accord, are driving blind. When you sit behind the wheel you want to know where you are going. So how can you map out your business future so that you are no longer driving blind? 

The key to business success is knowing where you are going and part of this plan involves having the right tools to navigate through your day to day tasks. At a glance you need to know your business situation, whether it’s to increase sales, job project costing, reduce expenditure or maintain optimal inventory levels.

Complete ERP solution ensures scalability and functionality 

With a complete ERP, CRM, DMS and Business Accounting Management application, risks associated with your business are eliminated. A complete ERP Solution should combine financial, inventory, supply chain, material resource planning, job project management, asset management, payroll/HR, CRM, document management system, VoIP SoftPhone and support for multiple companies, foreign currencies and taxes.

I recommend business owners search for an application which is smart, simple to use and suitable for small, medium to larger sized businesses. It should be scalable like SapphireOne to grow with your demands. You can start as a Sapphire single user and grow your business to 1000’s of users. 

Another important factor is to have a web-based solution so you can enter data, lookup clients and vendors, accept payments and other accounting functions from any portable device. On-the-go is critical for the ever-changing demands of consumers and where we conduct business today. Process payments and client receipts on your phone via Stripe.

Cyber security is a growing concern for business at the moment. To ensure better protection I recommend using a software solution which can be stored in-house, not online, for peace of mind. This way there are no issues like loss of internet connection, and vague pricing which occurs with many cloud-based subscriptions. 

So whether you are starting out in business, sick of paying for subscriptions or had enough of not knowing where you are going, consider taking your blind fold off and finding the right road map, and complete ERP Solution for your business.

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