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SapphireOne ERP system with rich Accounting Software functionality for Business

SapphireOne is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application with rich accounting software functionality that has been available since 1986. It is a complete financial management software suite combining Financial, Inventory, Supply chain, Job project management, Asset management, Payroll/HR, CRM, Document management, Soft-phone and support for multiple Foreign Currencies and Companies. Features and flexibility are the main focus of SapphireOne.

SapphireOne first released its multi user solution for Mac only in 1986. Later in 1990, the client/server technology was released for both Apple Mac and Windows 3.0. SapphireOne Pty Ltd has continued to build on those early efforts adopting key technologies such as to interact with html via the WebPack html in 2003, then working with hand held devices such as iPad, iPhone, Samsung from 2008. In 2016, SapphireOne moved on to 64bit technology for both mac and windows.

SapphireOne ERP system with rich accounting software functionality

SapphireOne Module

The process of implementing SapphireOne into business:

SapphireOne is a very versatile product and caters to many business types.

SapphireOne offers three types of product –

1. Sapphire Single User for small business,

2. SapphireOne Client/Server for medium to large sized business and

3. Sapphire Web Pack solution for small, medium and large sized business.

In order to reap the full benefits of the SapphireOne solution package, SapphireOne commences the implementation process by carrying out a detailed analysis of an organizations core competencies and requirements.

The analysis stage is broken down into multiple steps as described below:

Step 1: Analysis / Scope / project Initiation Document (PID)

This process involves meeting with key personnel within the organization’s business units,to discuss accounting needs, along with current and desired business procedures and processes. At the end of this process SapphireOne project managers will discuss with the host organization the capability of the SapphireOne to meet their requirements. A needs analysis document will be provided to the host organization, with this analysis being used as a basis for the next step, the development of the customised implementation plan.

Step 2: Customised Client implementation plan and work breakdown structure

This involves documenting tasks which are required to be completed and task allocation – who will be responsible for the completion of each task and how long each task is estimated to take?

Upon completion of the customized implementation plan, SapphireOne project managers will provide a PID detailing what will be required in order to produce a successful implementation of the SapphireOne ERP accounting software. These items may include:

•Breakdown of resources that are required on both sides,

• Break of tasks that need to be completed,

• Resources allocation to each task,

• Timelines for completion of tasks,

• Any customisation of the application,

• The estimated time required for the implementation, or

• Estimated budget.

Step 3: Implementation of the SapphireOne solution

After the PID has been completed, provided and approved, implementation of the SapphireOne application may be scheduled to commence. Depending on the requirements of the organization, this may happen immediately, or at a date agreed by the client.

Purchasing a license from SapphireOne:

Keeping software licensing simple is important to SapphireOne. That is why SapphireOne software licensing is all in One. Each license per concurrent user includes all the feature that a modern organization needs in an ERP software or in an Accounting Software.

Licenses can be increased at any time, SapphireOne’s experienced team can advise the host organization on the best course of action to take when planning licensing requirements.

How to keep up to date with SapphireOne:

The SapphireOne annual planned maintenance subscription entitles the clients to receive all major and sub-releases of SapphireOne throughout the year.

When using any software application, it is important to maintain the software updates. SapphireOne is an organic application with new features and functionality being added constantly. This ensures that the product is a market leader and that their clients are able to operate in accordance with ever changing requirements.

The first year of annual planned maintenance is provided to the clients within the initial purchase price of the user.Thereafter, a maintenance fee falls due on the anniversary date of your original purchase of SapphireOne.

What after sales care does SapphireOne provide? 

SapphireOne recognises the importance of total commitment to after care service. SapphireOne also understands that different organizations will have different support needs.

To deliver the best possible service to the clients, SapphireOne has developed a range of support plans to suit client’s organizational needs.

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