February 21, 2022 * John Adams at 9:54 am

SapphireOne Single Touch Payroll Phase II (STP) Deferral Letter

Dear SapphireOne Clients,

We are obviously very disappointed that we have missed the Go-Live date for Single Touch Payroll Phase II on 01/01/2022. We have put a committed and sustained effort into the test cases and the development of SapphireOne rollout of Single Touch Payroll Phase II. This commitment has now been almost two years in our development cycle and has taken substantial resources from both our side and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The ATO has informed us that we are extremely close to completion and certification of the Single Touch Payroll Phase II. We believe that we will be able to notify you all very soon. But to quote the old analogy “Until it’s in the bank, let’s not get too excited.”. We will be keeping you informed as soon as we have reached completion and certification. In the meantime, please use the below letter when dealing with the ATO in regards to anything to do with Single Touch Payroll for SapphireOne clients.


John Adams

CEO, SapphireOne


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