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Few signs that indicates you need an ERP Accounting Solution

Few signs that indicates you need an ERP Accounting solution

Is your end of the month statement barely understandable? Are you finding it hard to make objective sales forecasts and decisions? Do you have a tenable customer base but find it hard to cope with the increasing order volume? Is your customer satisfaction rating dropping? Has warehouse inventory turned into a herculean task? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then your business is in the category of companies we like to tag as ‘in severe need of an ERP system.’ Not entirely convinced, well, peruse our top five ‘ERP needed’ indicator – If your business matches any of the under listed in addition to the aforementioned then take our word for it and get yourself and ERP system

Boost productivity with ERP Accounting Solution

An ERP Accounting solution by virtue of its centralized nature converge all segments of a company to bring about equality and flowing operations, below are few signs that indicates you need an ERP Accounting Solution :-

Too many software solutions solving very few problems

How do you handle data and information processing? Is your accounting department utilizing one software module while your sales group on the other hand use a different solution? Is the process-to-completion of an order tedious and time-consuming? Unnecessary duplication of software solutions, aside from its detrimental effects on productivity and efficiency, fragments the flow of information and relevant data in your business – a situation that fosters the bureaucracy and negates smooth operations. An ERP solution by virtue of its centralized nature converge all segments of a company to bring about uniformity and fluid operations; ergo fostering better decision making and business productivity

Relevant Information is hard to reach

If it takes your employees ages and significant effort to locate information sets in time of need, then it’s high time to get an ERP. Businesses that rely on manual computation and archaic written spreadsheets pre-position operational efficiency on a path of limitation. Today, companies looking to up their competitive advantage must have direct, unrestricted and spontaneous access to relevant data at any time of the day. Anything short of this and that business is operating at a deficit in terms of functionality and top-tier performance.

Basic Accounting procedures require more time and effort

One of the foremost indicators that signal the need for an ERP solution is the stress/strain being experienced by your accounting staff. It is not uncommon for businesses to struggle with their accounting needs if they still depend on manually orchestrated means of handling orders and processing sales. If your accounting department requires hours, days, months or sometimes years to handle otherwise simple accounting tasks, then it is high time to bring an ERP system on board. ERPs calculate and resolve accounting procedures that would have taken aeon to effectuate manually. Such an arrangement allows your accounting team to focus on more productive tasks like feasibility and sustainability studies

Sales are dropping, and customers are complaining

One of the toughest challenges expanding businesses face is the issue of managing inventory. Putting into place, a system that moderates spontaneous product distribution to meet demand is not an easy task – and certainly, it is one that suffers under manual management.  Unlike other aspects of business management, it is one facet that has an immediate effect on customer experience and invariably sales volume. An ERP system automatically manages inventory whilst keeping you up to date in terms of customer needs, complaints, and suggestions

Operations in your IT department resemble that of the Apollo one command center

The absence of an ERP system ultimately means more duplicative systems and software solutions attending to fewer challenges. As a result, your IT department would most likely be run awash with the cost, effort, and dedication needed to maintain these redundant systems. And while most businesses erroneously recruit more traditional software solutions in hopes of finding an efficient option, it almost always is an effort in futility. Rather than waste considerable resources, it is better to commit to an enterprise solution that fuses all the required functionalities into one compact package. Not only is this easier to manage it is also more cost-effective in the long run.

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