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SapphireOne helps with your Payroll and HR Headache

SapphireOne helps with your Payroll & HR headache

For an increasing majority of Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), the task of generating payroll is one associated with stress and frustration. Organising and effecting a payroll sequence has never been an easy task, it requires expertise and dedication which are often lacking in the organisational structure of SMBs. Consequently, most of these SMBs take the easy route and outsource the payroll.  Although it relieves most of the headache with doing your Payroll & HR, this process can be expensive. In light of the growing need for an efficient and effective payroll system architecture that is not expensive, we consulted with industry veterans and expert financial brokers to create an easy to use payroll system in our SapphireOne software suite.

SapphireOne’s payroll functionality is built with the help of those who use payroll eg. Accountants and Payroll & HR experts. It’s like having your own complete team of financial advisors always on-hand to do your Payroll & HR – no hassle no stress. Because SapphireOne is an on-premises system, it is devoid of service downtimes, less susceptible to third-party intrusion and more importantly ready at whatever time you need to do your payroll.

As an added benefit, SapphireOne also grants you –

  1. The flexibility to customise the app and integrate 3rd party custom apps into its framework.
  2. An opportunity to save costs, since you own the software.
  3. Unlimited access to all features of the accounting software – no side subscriptions, no paid custom add-ons.

Tackles all Payroll & HR headaches with ease 

Whether it’s filling in taxes, calculating employee benefits or sending out forms, statements, and actual payments, SapphireOne’s one-touch electronic system grants you the leverage to conduct your payroll tasks with convenient ease. What’s more, you can set these functions to run automatically, relieving you of the responsibility and making sure you don’t run the risk of falling victim to the huge government fines and sanctions.

Be on top of your Finances

Unlike conventional payroll systems that segregate actual payroll tasks from other aspects of your financing, SapphireOne gives you a broad yet detailed overview of your financial standings in relation to your payroll needs. It makes certain that your well in tune with your payroll obligations and current financial stand – a classic case of killing two birds with one stone.

One of the strong features of SapphireOne is the ability to drill down right to the individual lines in transactions. For this reason, the SapphireOne system provides the most comprehensive audit trial reporting functionality provided by any other ERP / Accounting software in the market.

One call away from support

It takes a while to get accustomed to even the smartest accounting software, and even after mastery there will still be times when you need help to sort out certain requests. SapphireOne’s support plan breathes a new air of professionalism – we’re always ready to ensure that your accounting software never goes offline.

SapphireOne is not just an Accounting Software; it’s a highly efficient and versatile system, every business should have at its disposal. SapphireOne goes one step further than the average payroll application – it packs in the best of innovation and tech in a more than convenient price package. Since 1986 SapphireOne has escalated from a newcomer payroll application to an industry leader; we help to overcome the Payroll HR headaches of businesses. Our goal remains the same as it was from the start – making payroll as fluid and easy as possible.

Request a demo today, the purchase of accounting software or ERP Software is an important investment, don’t leave it to chance.

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