July 7, 2022 * Jordan at 5:50 pm

SapphireOne Email Trigger


The SapphireOne Email Trigger functionality is the latest unique feature available for SapphireOne clients. SapphireOne users now have the ability to automate email triggers directly from their SapphireOne datafile.

In addition to improving Workflow, the SapphireOne Email Trigger functionality is designed to automate data entry methods and is extremely beneficial and time effective. There are three types of Email Trigger available within SapphireOne and they include Invoice, Statement and Payments. Within each Email Trigger, there is also a specific Trigger On setting. These Trigger On settings can be automated for Conversions, Posting or Month End processing.

Customisable settings provide SapphireOne users with the flexibility to manage their Workflow inline with their unique business practices.

The SapphireOne Email Trigger functionality is available within Utilities Controls Inquiry.

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