July 7, 2017 * John Adams at 5:01 pm

SapphireOne with SPS Commerce delivers the functionality and scalability Frutex needs

SapphireOne SPS Commerce EDI and Apromo Trading

SPS commerce and SapphireOne have now successfully completed an EDI integration project with Frutex, a major player in the Food Industry, with warehousing, distribution, manufacturing facilities located in Kingsgrove, Sydney. The combined power of SapphireOne Pty Ltd. and SPS Commerce Inc. technology, is driving the solution which is central to their business plan.

Scalable, Integrated EDI Helps Drive Business Growth in Frutex

While looking for a best-fit solution that would scale with growth, Frutex implemented ERP, CRM, Business Accounting Software solution SapphireOne.  They had a boom in their business and realized they needed to work with an EDI system to meet the demand for their products. They wanted to make sure that they have the ability to automate as much of the data processes in the organization of their cash flow. So that they did not have to increase staff to facilitate the management of additional data management, or any additional new processes.

SapphireOne provides much more control over stock movements, financial management and customer management. On the other hand, the SPS commerce functionality automates the exchange of orders, invoices, shipping documents, and more with their trading partners- all actioned and recorded within SapphireOne.

In addition, SapphireOne has a Document Management System DMS. This enables you to store and link all documents in electronic format with the associated transactions. Not only can SapphireOne store these documents electronically, the system now provides for the direct reading of a PDF into the system to create a transaction automatically. No need for endless paperwork and filing of documents.

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