July 6, 2022 * Jordan at 4:23 pm

Tax Scales 2022 Update

2022 Super Increase and Tax Scales

As part of Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 implementation, SapphireOne clients are required to update Payroll/HR with the latest Tax Scales for July 2022. These additional Tax Scale updates include the Study Training and Support Loans threshold and rate.

Study Training and Support Loans (STSL) threshold, formerly known as HECS, has changed as of 2 July 2022. There are a number of loans that fall under the STSL threshold including Higher Education Loan Program (HELP), VET Student Loan (VSL), Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS), Student Start-up Loan (SSL) and ABSTUDY Student Start-up Loan (ABSTUDY SSL) and Trade Support Loan (TSL). All STSL loan repayments fall under a single set of thresholds and rates.

The SapphireOne client has the ability to update to the most recent tax rate by entering the date of 02/07/2022. They will then be presented with a pop up window saying 5 Tax Scales Imported. To view the newly imported tax rates, the SapphireOne user can go to Tax Scale in Payroll/HR Administration. Clients can select Show All and will be presented with all SapphireOne tax scales. By selecting Sort by Date you can view the most recent imports.

SapphireOne clients need to complete the implementation process of Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 before updating the new tax thresholds and rates.

Utilities > Utilities > Sapphire Functions > Payroll/HR (drop down) > ImportTaxRatesTCP

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