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How WooCommerce and Accounting Software helps business owners

WooCommerce is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins, providing businesses with a free and easy way to create an online web store. But maintaining accurate accounts, and keeping records of your business transaction manually, can be tedious and allows for human errors. A priority should be focused on getting the customer orders processed quickly and thoroughly.  The integration of accounting software saves you time as no longer dealing with spreadsheets and inventory management. Invest in other important activities like growing your business. WooCommerce and accounting software ensures your e-commerce front-end is combined with back office functionality.

The benefits of WooCommerce and SapphireOne ERP, CRM, Business Accounting Software integration

SapphireOne accounting software helps e-commerce owners record accounting transactions and manage payable and receivable accounts. This eliminates the problem of keeping separate financial and cost-accounting records. Managing your inventory is easy with the continual flow of information between the two. With SapphireOne integration manual work is reduced by automating processes. This in turn saves on operational costs and allows your business to grow. 

Automation of data entries

SapphireOne CRM and accounting software stores product availability and pricing. WooCommerce needs this information for all online and offline sales. Order management process, not just synchronising orders, is automated so eliminates the need of extracting data from WooCommerce. This saves time and money and also reduces data errors.

Removal of manual checking 

Synchronising WooCommerce order transactions and available stock is essential. SapphireOne processes the relationship between orders and stock, such as sending business alerts when levels are breached and triggers purchase orders for approval and processing.

Smart BI Dashboard and reporting

In SapphireOne you have a 360° view, in real-time, of all incoming sales, stock levels and online store performance and statistics. Customised reports allow you to identify any areas of concern and react swiftly to rectify any problems.

Improve customer service 

Order status and tracking information are other essential elements that need to be managed in WooCommerce. SapphireOne identifies and sends the details to WooCommerce of your orders and invoicing. It also checks the status, tracking numbers and delivery details. If the order has not been delivered for any reason it will notify WooCommerce helping to improve your customer service. SapphireOne CRM will identify when a product has been purchased via the WooCommerce online store, process the order and can follow up with some targeted marketing campaigns.

SapphireOne Accounting Software and WooCommerce- Read More

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