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CRM Software for Business is Becoming the Standard for Small-Medium Size Businesses

Accounting software integration with CRM software for business (CRM) enables organisations to view their customer data in the one place. By combining both,  managers have the ability to view not just contacts, but access all relevant customer information and history in the one database to maximise business efficiency and productivity. 

More small-medium size businesses are realising customers are key to their success so looking for a CRM software to gain sales insights, provide marketing tools, help acquire new customers and retain their existing ones. Companies today are realising retaining current customers is more productive in time and resources than searching for new ones. This is where a good CRM software can help.

Main Features of a CRM

CRM is used for contact and lead management, tasks and sales, email tracking, campaign management, social media management, reports and dashboards and mobile apps. A CRM application ensures you capitalise on the customers you have and help in obtaining new ones via customer interactions, sales management, marketing campaigns and more. Accounting software provides you with an extra level of insight via linking all the customers’ details with their financial records. In the one datafile, you can analysis customer purchase information, billing and shipping details, see what products or services generate the best revenue and more. 

Integration of the two frees up time, allows seamless real-time sharing of data between departments and more importantly for business today, stops the need for manual data entry.

SapphireOne ERP Application, CRM and Business Accounting Application power together for an all-in-one solution

SapphireOne CRM Software Solution ensures you build stronger relationships, encourage conversations and increase sales based on multiple channels. A deeper reach of client engagement is achieved by organising all interactions- emails, phone calls, appointments within the vendor, client and employee files. 

Our SoftPhone technology enables users to call any number without a physical telephone. Users call between a computer and phone network and maximise administration. Fast and easy overview of inbound and outbound calls is at your fingertips as all calls made within SapphireOne are automatically logged, timestamped, with date and time in the individual files. 

Integration with our ERP, DMS and Business Accounting Application ensures a 360-degree view of your customers in the one place. Sales, financials and support can be viewed in real-time to help speed up business processes, improved staff efficiency, remove duplications and errors of manual data, and ultimately save businesses time and money.

For more information regarding improvements and features within the latest release of SapphireOne CRM Business Accounting Software please contact our office on (02) 8362 4500 or request a demo.

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